Aspects and Diseases Part 1

SUN - Sun represents soul and native's overall general health. If any other planet is aspecting sun either benefic or malefic following ailments can be observed in natives horoscope :

1. Sun- Venus Aspect : As venus represents vitamin E, so if here venus is severely afflicted (either combust ) or any other malefic planet is also aspecting venus then due to lack of vitamin E , native may suffer some heart problems as well.

2. Sun - Moon Aspect : Overall general health will suffer. Also if person is very pessimistic and a junk food eater may suffer a lot of health issues in his early life. Deficiency of vitamin A is seen resulting into reproductive infections. Females may suffer problems during pregnancy.

3. Sun - Mercury Aspect :  Mercury represents tubes in the body and severely afflicted mercury here can produce ailments regarding tubes in the body. Mercury rules virgo , so person may suffer from intestinal problems , liver and pancreas related issues in his life.

4. Sun - Mars Aspect : Problems related to heart are seen due to to sun mars aspect. Person may be anemic. Problems in adrenal glands are seen due to lack of magnesium in body .

5. Sun - Jupiter Aspect : As jupiter is the planet of abundance, expansion, so this aspect may either produce minerals and vitamins either in abundance or in very small quantities which becomes the root cause of certain diseases in body. Person with such combination(aspect ) in a chart should consult a doctor to know what is the status. Severe aspect can cause problems in respiratory system, loss of calcium causing bones related issues.

6.  Sun -Saturn Aspect : Problems in kidneys and endocrine glands are indicated. Lack of vitamin D can cause puffiness in body . Problems related to teeth, softening of enamel can be seen.

MOON - Moon represents mind, feelings, emotions. Also moon is the main  factor causing Balarisht .   If any other planet is aspecting moon either benefic or malefic following ailments can be observed in natives horoscope :

1. Moon - Venus Aspect : Bad stomach, slow digestion, bad odor are the results of this aspect. Person may be indulge himself into a lot of sweets which can cause liver problems. Females may suffer from abortions , miscarriages etc.

2. Moon - Mercury Aspect : Due to lack of thiamine person may suffer from digestion problems, liver issues, constipation etc.

3. Moon - Mars  Aspect : Person may suffer from anemia. And operations and surgeries should be avoided if either  moon or mars are transiting on each other otherwise excessive bleeding is the result.Such a person may be fond of milk and milk products which can effect health very badly. Females may suffer problems in pregnancy due to anemia.

4. Moon -  Jupiter Aspect : Menstrual problems are seen and in female reproduction. Lack of vitamin B-6 can cause soreness or tenderness of breasts before every menstrual cycle. Due to hepatitis or jaundice person may suffer from liver problems.

5. Moon - Saturn Aspect :Irregular periods or excessive pain and irritation is caused due to this aspect. Due to insufficient riboflavin in body person may face a lot of skin issues as well like dryness of skin, itching, rashes etc.Bones related issues are for sure .

6. Moon - Lagna Aspect : If moon is connected with lagna lord then person is very moody and emotional. Person may gain or loose weight suddenly. 

To be Continued..


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