Aspects and Diseases Part 2

MERCURY - Mercury is the planet which behaves like a planet with which it gets associated. So its maleficence or beneficence depends on the planet it is associated with. 

1. Mercury - Venus Aspect : Lack of thiamine and and niacin can cause thyroid in body and the person can become fond of eating sweets too much which can be a cause of obesity. Venus related issues such as intestinal and pancreas related issues are seen. Also tubes in the body can suffer as well. Due to lack of vitamin E , native can suffer liver related issues as well.

2. Mercury - Mars Aspect : Problems on the face as mars represent aries sign can be seen . Nerves related issues are there due to severe effect om mercury due to mars. Person can suffer from diarrhea.

3. Mercury - Jupiter aspect : Lack of Vitamin B 6 can cause inflammation in thigh areas. Also, native can suffer from diabetes. Due to deficiency of pangamin acid ruled by jupiter, person can face respiratory ailments. Also Nerve related disorders are seen due to this association.

4. Mercury - Saturn Aspect :   Mercury rules virgo and Virgo sign represents intestine. So, this association can cause problems in intestinal tracts. Skin problems, Teeth related issues are also seen due to lack of thiamine. Native can suffer diseases such as insomnia, depression.

5. Mercury and Lagna : When mercury is associated with lagna lord in any way then this person has a lot of energy and thinks a lot. Has a calculative mind due to which he lacks rest which can cause stress and other ailments. Worrying is another cause of different ailments for such an individual.

VENUS - Venus is the planet of luxury. Represent eyesight, face ,luster,kidneys.

1. Venus - Mars Aspect : When venus is severely afflicted by mars, then such person has an excessive intake of chlorine, due to which person lacks vitamin E. And deficiency of vitamin E can cause skin issues. If mars is severely afflicted by mars then the native suffers blood disorders, problems in menstrual cycle in females.

2. Venus - Jupiter aspect : Here since we know that jupiter is the planet of abundance, such native needs larger quantities of vitamin E in their body and its deficiency can cause many ailments like arterial damage. Lack of cholin represent jupiter and lack of vitamin E can also cause kidney problems.

3. Venus - Saturn Aspect : With venus being severely aspected by saturn can cause variety of skin disorders like , itching, wrinkles eczema, dark spots etc. With too much of flourine in body which represents saturn person can face problems in kidneys ruled by venus.

4. Venus - Lagna : If venus and lagna lord are associated then person will be fond of eating too much of sweets. Due to this habit native may put on weight, also pancreas suffers due to unnecessary eating of sugar and carbohydrates.  


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