Aspects and Diseases Part 3

SATURN : It is a very slow planet. And karaka of 8th house ie promotes longevity.  

Saturn and lagna : If saturn is associted with lagna or lagna lord in any way (PAC) then such native may suffer bones , teeth and ear related ailments in life. Such an individual may suffer chronic diseases in their middle age if saturn and lagna are severly afflicted by other malefics.

JUPITER : Jupiter is the jeevakaraka. And it is the planet of expansion and abundance.

Association(aspect) of jupiter with different planets give the following results -

Jupiter - Saturn Aspect : Both planets have a very important role in medical Astrology. Since jupiter is the planet of expansion and saturn represents blockages in body . Friendly relation between the two will help assimilate and absorb diffrent nutrients in the body. And both are afflicted then  proper assimilation and absorption in body dosent take place and native suffers. But mild affliction of any one of them can be taken care of by changing diet. Afflicted jupiter by saturn can give liver problems.

MARS - It is the planet of aggression , violence , blood, accidents, surgeries. Its association with any planet punctures the karaktatwas of that planet. Aspects of mars on different planets give the following health issues : 

Mars - Saturn Aspect : Native suffers blood disorders like  anemia due to malefic association between the two . If saturn is badly afflicted by mars then bone related issues are indicated. 

Mars - Jupiter Aspect : Abundance of red blood cells can cause blood related problems to the native.  If jupiter is afflicted severly native suffers from high BP due to lack of cholin. Also due to deficiency of biotin  ,person suffers hair loss. Here also either in abundance or in low quantities minerals and vitamins are present due to which person suffers different ailments.


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