Astrological Remedies/Rituals for Curses

As i discussed in my earlier post about difficulties in getting a progeny reason being curse of mother/father/wife/brahmin/brother etc. In this post i will discuss about astrological remedies refereed in our classical texts. By performing these rituals/remedies one can gets free of the curse or effect of the curse can be reduced to some extent so that the native can enjoy the fruit of progeny.

REMEDIES TO OVERCOME CURSE OF A SNAKE :   One has to make an idol of NAGA MURTHY , instal it and perform pooja . Donate one cow, some land,gold etc .

REMEDIES TO OVERCOME CURSE OF ANCESTORS : One has to perform GAYA SHRAADH in gaya .  Food to be served to ten thousand brahmins / kanya daan. Also donate a cow and a calf .

REMEDIES TO OVERCOME CURSE OF MOTHER : Chant one lakh Gayatri mantra, donate/serve milk to beggars in silver vessels and also serve food to brahmins. Native also has to perfrom 23,000 Ashwatha Pradakshina.

REMEDIES TO OVERCOME CURSE OF BRAHMIN : By facing South direction, donate cows. Serve food to 10,000/1000 brahmins. Donate any 5 gems and gold. ONe has to perform Chadrayana vartas, Brahma koorcha.

REMEDIES TO OVERCOME CURSE OF WIFE : Donate decorated idols of Lakshmi Narayana with 10 cows or perform kanya daan. Also one has to donate cloths,beds and jewels.

REMEDIES TO OVERCOME CURSE OF GHOST/PRET : One has to perform Vishnu Shraadh. Then natives has to take Rudra snaan(bath) and donate an idol of Brahma along with blue stone, silver and cows.

We can identify the curse by some combinations in a native's horoscope. Like if mars, 3rd house , 3rd lord, 5th house and 5th lord are connected in one way or the other and all these are severely affected then the curse is due to brother. Same can be identified for others. So Now what are the remedies /cure of each planet causing curse. There are some rituals to be performed for each planet causing obstacles in having progeny.

Remedies for each planet are as follows :

SUN : Read Harivamcha

MOON : Perform Ishwara Aradhana

MARS : Perform Rudrabhishek

MERCURY : Donate rice and curd in kansya vessel.

JUPITER : Perform pooja for pitrs and feed guests with food they love to eat and by gifting them different items.

VENUS : One has to donate cows.

SATURN : Perform Mahamrityunjaya Japa.

RAHU : Do kanya daan

KETU : Donate cows who need/deserves.


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