Arishta meaning is to face any sort of misfortune generally in health in the physical form only. Balarishta as the name suggests basically means sufferings to a new born. Balarishta yogas in astrology are the yogas which shows bad health or suffering or death of a new born.

Also as per classic texts , any of the Balarishta yog in the horoscope indicates death. But its not necessary death , it indicates death like situations which a new born may have to face. Death may occur only in the cases if effects of malefics is in the major form in the horoscope otherwise it is ill health . Balarishta like many other DOSHAs or bad combinations in a horoscope occurs only because of past like karmas of a native as horoscope is the result of past like karmas which a person either enjoys or suffers in his lifetime. As, we all know that one has no choice of selecting mother, father, siblings, spouse, children etc , we get what we deserve and God is not to be blamed in any way.

A person when enters in a new life suffers:
1. his mothers bad karmas for first four years.
2. his fathers bad karmas for next four years.
3. his own bad karmas of previous birth for next four years.

Principles while judging a horscope :

Moon : Moon is one of the planet which indicates our mental and physical health. For sound health one must have a good placement of moon in the chart. Moon , if afflicted causes many mental illness and many other major disturbances in our life which can cause death or death like situations. And in our classical texts and many if our rishis has considered Moon as one of the important factor to be judged in case of Balarishta.

Ascendant(Lagna) and Ascendant lord(Lagnesh)- Lagna indicates US/ ME. Our overall personality, health is indicated by lagna and lagnesh (wherever it is placed in the chart). If Both of them are afflicted, either aspects of malefics, in paap katri or lagnesh conjuct with strong malefics or in bad houses which deteriorates ones health then there are less chances of sound health of native.

8th house and 8th Lord- 8th house of a horoscope indicates longevity of a native  and any bad influence on 8th house or any strong malefic in the 8th house(except Saturn) indicates ill health or short life Span of a native creating Balarishta Yoga.

Dasha and Transit - Both dasha and gochar plays an important role in one 's lifetime. As it depends on dasha which the native is undergoing is favourable or not. Either the planet will help give sound health or creates balarishta. Also in transit , important planets like moon , sun , lagna and lagnesh are under bad influence at the time of native or not.Whether the native will be able to survive or fight from the balarishta yog or not.


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