Childbirth and Pregnancy

Female's horoscope holds importance if we talk about pregnancy as child nourishes for 9 months in mother's womb. And how each month will be depends on the planets placed in female native's horoscope. Yes, through determining the placement of planets in female chart , female native has her pregnancy journey as each month depicts one planet. If a monthly planet is severly afflicted then there can be chances of abortions but if well placed , that particular month will be safe.

Also , in a female chart apart from pregnancy issues we also study about menstrual cycle , excessive discharge etc. Mars and Moon are the planets dominating menstrual cycle and if these two are afflicted in any way, complications or problems in monthly cycle is seen.

Through a female chart, it can also be determined whether child will be born through natural delivery or cesarean(through operation). Any type of relation of mars with 5th house/lord gives  a possibility of cesarean .Also affliction due to mars/rahu/saturn to 5th house/lord or 5th house/lord are in dushtsthanas(6th/8th/12th houses) then female may face innumerable types of complication in conceiving or during child birth.

Planet ruling each month of pregnancy are as follows :

First month  is ruled by VENUS .

Second month is ruled by MARS.

Third month is ruled by JUPITER.

Fourth month is ruled by SUN.

Fifth month is ruled by  MOON.

Sixth month is ruled by SATURN.

Seventh month is ruled by MERCURY.

Eight month is known as Adhana lagna.

Ninth month is ruled by MOON.

Tenth month is ruled by SUN.

Let us discuss how each planet affects the female native each month.First month ruled by venus known as 'Kalala' which is the combined fluid of male and female after union and a fleshy mass is formed. Second month ruled by mars denotes 'Ghana' ie solidification of a kidney bean.In third month, diffrent organs of the baby will come out and can be seen and is ruled by jupiter as it is the jeevakaraka. Bones are formed in the fourth month ruled by sun. Fifth month creates charm on the body ruled by moon. Hairs and other organs are formed in the sixth month which is ruled by saturn. Consciousness begins to develop in the seventh month ruled by mercury. In the 8th month baby starts consuming the food eaten by mother through umbilical cord and is ruled by Adhana lagna, so if this lagna is unafflicted then this month will go smoothly and vice versa. And in the 9th month anxiety to come out of the womb arises ruled by moon and delivery take place in the 10th month ruled by sun.

So now , if the planets are well placed , then the female will enjoy her pregnancy journey and if some of the above planets are ill placed can give problems in those particular months of pregnancy. 


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