As i have told in my previous posts that Planetary combinations for different ailments which one gets in his /her chart is their Prarabdha which cant be escaped. Prarabdha karmas are inescapable karmas, one has to face it in one form of the other. But these ailments and sufferings can be reduced to some extent by worshiping ones Isht dev/devi , by regularly doing astrological remedies prescribed by an astrologer and a proper Diet. These three altogether will help you become fit and healthy in no time, if done regularly and faithfully.

Today i m going to talk about some planetary combinations which leads to different diseases. I will talk about only some of them ,there are 1000s of such yogas.

1. EYE PROBLEMS :  Afflicted Sun , Moon and Venus mainly give eye problems. For example : If Venus occupies  6th or 8th house native 's right eye will get affected. If If both moon and sun are aspected by any malefic or they are placed in 6th/8th/12th house , native faces eye related issues. If both sun and moon are in 12th house with no benefic aspect one has weak eyesight.

 2. PROBLEMS IN EARS : If 3rd house if severely damaged by malefics either malefics aspect/ posited in it, then natives faces ear related issues. If both mercury and venus are in 12th house one may have hearing problem in left ear.

3. THROAT ISSUES : If rahu and mercury conjunct with 3rd lord native may face problems related to throat.

4. TEETH AILMENTS : If Rahu with 2nd lord in 6th house of disease or dispositor of rahu posited in 2nd house natives suffers from dental issues. Lord of 6th and 2nd conjuct also gives diseases related to teeth. Any rahu or ketu in 6th without any benefic aspect gives dental problems to native.

5. CHRONIC AILMENTS : Saturn placed in 5th / 9th house in a horoscope without any benefic aspect or conjunction can give diseases with a native has to suffer for a long period.

6. OBESITY : If a native possess cancer, scorpio or pisces ascendant or lagnesh or ascendant lord is a watery planet then native may have a fat body.  If jupiter is posited in ascendant or jupiter placed in  a watery sign like cancer scorpio or pisces aspects lagna then native may suffer from obesity.

7. PILES OR DISEASES OF RECTUM : Saturn getting aspect of any malefic gives piles. Ketu in 8th house with aspect of malefics can give piles or issues related to rectum.

8. HEART DISEASE : If Moon and sun both are badly placed in horoscope with 4th lord (in 6th/8th/12th houses) native suffers from heart ailments. If saturn aspects sun, moon, 4th lord/4th house native may possess a very weak heart.


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