Diseases Caused by Airy, Fixed and Dual Signs

As we all know that there are 12 zodiac signs and each zodiac sign represents a nature.

Aries(mesh), Cancer(kark), Libra(tula), Capricorn(makar)  = Airy(Char) signs

Taurus(vrish), Leo(simh), Scorpio(vrishchik) , Aquarius(kumbh) = Fixed (sthir) signs

Gemini(mithun), Virgo(kanya) , Sagittarius(dhanu), Pisces(meen) = Dual (dwiswabhaav) signs.

These hold an importance in medical astrology. And each set of zodiac sign is termed as  "Cross". In a horoscope each set is activated and if it is determined, astrologer can find out the root cause of disease and prescribe right and healthy diet to an individual.

To determine which cross is most activated, one has to identify which cross has maximum number of planets in them. Now , in most of the cases many planets in a particular cross which is activated are placed only in the three signs and the 4th sign is empty and it is that 4th empty sign which is the cause of disease.  Also sometimes an astrologer comes across two crosses which is giving disease, such cases are to be handled carefully yo determine the root cause of disease.

Cardinal Cross = Airy signs

Fixed Cross = Fixed signs

Mutable Cross = Dual signs

Now, i will discuss about each cross separately to understand about the ailments which they can cause.


Two main illnesses caused by this cross is kidneys and gall bladder ruled by libra and capricorn respectively. Number of tests can be done to find out the proper cause for each of them. Cardinal cross natives are easy to treat and cooperate with their doctors and healers. They are always ready to try new techniques and take homeopathy, herbal remedies as well. And these natives whose cardinal cross is activated are likely to respond fast towards medication.


Two main illnesses caused by this cross is colon and thyroid gland ruled by scorpio and Taurus respectively. These ailments can be chronic in nature. People with fixed cross activated holds toxins inside their body which may take a long time to develop. These set of natives are difficult to treat and resist nay changes. They will not listen to their doctors and healers. They may be against homeopathy or herbal remedies.


Main illness caused by this cross is in lymph gland system ruled by pisces. They may suffer cold , flu in a very high frequency .They may also face problems related to pancreas ruled by virgo sign.Such natives lacks determination and do not stick to disciplined routine. For such set of people good and proper diet can work wonders for them if they strictly stick to it.


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