GOOD and BAD HEALTH in Astrology

How can we determine whether a person has sound health or not.
Firstly, Whatever one faces or suffers is his own past karmas which cant be escaped. Some face balarishta , some face congenital illness. Congenital illness is present since birth and is hereditary.
People with weak immune system due to weak planets in their chart tend to attract more health issues. And other remain unaffected, only a very adverse dasha can affect their health.

Factors for good health :

1. Strong lagna and lagna lord. One gets strong lagna and lagnesh according to past life karmas . So, if lagna is Vargottam, has benefic planets in them (like Jupiter , Venus), benefic planets aspect lagna or lagna lord, both of them or either of them in Shubh kartri (ie if lagna or LL are hemmed by benefic planets), parivatan yog between lagna and trikona or any rajyoga forming in lagna gives good health to the native.

2. Lagna lord should be positive or in good state for good health that is lagna lord is either exalted/ mooltrikona/friendly/ own sign.

3. Moon should be unafflicted, should not be in association with Rahu/Ketu/Saturn. Should be in a benefic Durdhara Yoga.Cause of balarihsta is moon , so an benefic moon provides healthy body and mind.

4. Benefic planets in kendra and trikonas and malefics in 3/6/11 houses promote good health.

Factors for Bad health :

1. Weak lagna and lagna lord. If lagna has malefics in it, Hemmed with malefics(lord of 6th/8th/12th houses) creating Paap Kartri yoga. If malefic aspects lagna and malefic yogas in lagna .

2. Lagna lord Debilitated/Combust/retrograde/in enemical sign/conjunct with malefic like Rahu/ketu/saturn/mars/sun.

3. Afflicted moon or hemmed with malefics creating malefic Durdhara yoga.

4. Malefic planets in kendra and trikonas and no malefics and only benefics in 3/6/11 houses.

Benefic Lagna/ lagna lord. Favorable dashas, Strong 6th and 11 th house as 6th house indicates diseases and 11th house indicates recovery from that disease. Association with benefics like Jupiter/Venus and favourable transits and a proper diet can help native recover fast from illness.


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