Heart Ailments

Almost more than half of the population is facing various heart diseases. Heart problems can be either hereditary or due to lack of exercise, lack of good diet, eating rich foods, stress, depression etc. Although some heart procedures are curable ie through angioplasty, others need by pass surgery.

An astrologer can identify combinations of heart ailments through horoscope. Also, timing can also be calculated. But this is all possible only if native has accurate date , time and place of birth. Through proper diet and exercise, heart diseases can be reversed in some way.

Principles for heart diseases:

1. SUN - Sun , one of the most important planet , also considered as natural atmakaraka(AK) represents the soul. It is the karaka of heart. Severe afflictions on sun in a chart like sun being associated in 6th/8th/12th houses or with 6th/8th/12th lords or in rahu ketu axis or with the badhak or is the badhak itself , sun associated with rahu/ketu/ mars/ saturn , in paapkartri can give heart diseases, . Sun is also very important for general health of  a being.

2. LEO SIGN - Leo sign in the horsocope(according to kalapurisha chart) shows condition of heart of native. If severly afflicted can create heart ailments.

3. Fourth House - 4th house is the chest of the native . If planets like ketu/mars are placed/associated in any way with 4th house/lord with other malefic afflictions , then native can undergo open heart surgery as well. If 4th house/lord gets associated with 5th/9th lords in any way , then chances of recovery becomes fast and there can also be no surgery.

4. Fifth House - 5th house is the heart of the native. Any malefic influence on it gives problems in heart. 

5. Also if sun is conjunt with any retrograde planet  and if 5th/4th lords are retrograde and associate with 6th/8th/12th houses/lords then chances of heart diseases increases.


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