Houses and Diseases Part 2

Seventh House - If native has a lot of planets associated in any form with 7th house, he/she needs a partner to accomplish in their life.Time can come in their life that the need of their partner can make them unhealthy and prone to different ailments. As their partners can dominate and make their life a bit suffocating. They lose their worth ti help their partners. Because of such nature , these individuals work better in team. They lack confidence and feel insecure if their partner is not around them. This can severely affect them physically as well as psychologically.

Eight House - Number of planets in 8th house makes a person a deep thinker. They overthink in every situation they are in  and face  a lot of psychological issues in their life. They become their worst enemies. These individuals hide their feelings which results into chronic illnesses. Psychology, healing, psychiatry can help them in a major way.

Ninth House - 9th house is the trikona sthaan in a horoscope, One of the lakshmi sthaan and thus is a very benefic house. 9th house depicts traditions, values. religion, spirituality. And if max number of planets are associated with this house then there is less possibility that such an individual will face any ailment. Reason is that the native has faith in god and due to this faith he is very positive. And when a person is positive , attracts less diseases. His faith mends his physical, mental and emotional phases.

Tenth House - 10th house is the house of profession, status, society. And native with a lot of planets associated with this house faces societal pressure. These natives face the burden of becoming the best in whatever they do due to the desires of their parents, friends , relatives etc. And thus work extremely hard and stop giving themselves a rest resulting extreme stress and prone to different ailments. When such people realize they have to work for themselves and  not to impress anyone else, then they live a healthy lifestyle.   

Eleventh House - Planets associated with 11th house doesn't make a native diseases prone as this house is of desires and this native works for his / her desires. Now since 11th house represents large organisations/societies/elder siblings, so these individuals make their dream come true through these means.

Twelfth House - 12th house represents hospitalization. And also represents dreams, sleep , psychological problems. So  in a horoscope if a lot of planets are associated with 12th house, then such native is an introvert and hide their feelings. They are always confused. And due to such negative emotions such as jealousy, envy ,anger etc in them , slowly they get ill . To avoid hospitalization such individuals have to be true to themselves. And healing , therapy and good diet can work wonders for them.

So we see that a good and healthy diet can give  a person healthy diet. 


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