Illnesses related to Mental Health

We are humans and we react in many ways like we are aggressive, get depressed, a lot of excitement, melancholy in our day to day life due to various situations in our surroundings. These expressions when done in control are normal but when we over react in extreme then are called abnormal expressions which causes mental illness. About 80% of people today are suffering from depression due to hectic lifestyle etc.

There are many astrological combinations of mental illness as prescribed in our classical texts which tells about mental illness. But those are not only the astrological combinations , there are many. Also if Lagna chart confirms some sort of mental illness, other divisional charts should also be studied to confirm it. If other charts confirms the disease then only the problem needs a solution otherwise in case of good divisional charts a person doesn't face extreme mental problems, can only face minute effects in the dasha antardasha of specific planets.

Certain planets and houses have to be studied minutely to detect mental problems which are as follows :

1. MOON - Moon is mind. It represent ones feelings , emotions, attachment . It is a watery and soft planet. And afflictions(either good/bad) to it governs its ones state of mind. Whether the person is highly emotional or practical.

2. JUPITER - Jupiter is one of the most benefic of all planets. Its highly principled and knowledgeable one, with strict rules and regulations. It represents knowledge and wisdom. So an unafflicted jupiter will help native gain good principles, wisdom and knowledge in life.

3. MERCURY - Mercury is known to be prince to all planets. It represents education, logic, intelligence.

4. Fifth House - 5th house if the house of intellect and education. To find out natives intellect and education , astrologer should study 5th house / lord as well.

5. Lagna / lagna lord and Aries sign - Both lagna and aries sign (according to kalapursha chart) represents head of an individual. So native should unafflicted lagna / lagna lord and aries sign in the horoscope for sound health.

6. Yogas : Either benefic / malefic yogas in a horoscope act as a catalyst of a mental illness . Like Kemdrum yog, Chandradhi yoga, Gajkesari yoga(benefic yoga helps reduce effect of mental instability and gives sound mind).

So for a strong and healthy mind , one should have benefic moon, mercury , jupiter as ones mind , analytical and reasoning skills, wisdom , education should be strong.   


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