Moon is one of the illuminory of  life. Its a planet which indicates mental and physical health of a native. It has a KAPHA (phlegmatic) temperament with an element of VAATA(wind).
Basically, Is the native stable ie mentally stable or not. Also this planet rules the blood and fluids in body. Any type of affliction to moon may give problems related to mind, blood, fluids in our body. Lack of Riboflavin and potassium can cause TB, anemia, diarrhea. Also blood poisoning, emotional stress, anxieties, fevers , Jaundice, kapha and vaata related issues are caused by affliction to the moon.

When there is depression, mental anxieties, nervousness in ones life, it causes either more eating , more sleeping making person unhealthy and is one of the cause of obesity in todays world.  As it controls menstrual cycle in a females body in association with mars, if afflicted can cause menstrual disorders and diseases of female reproductive organs.

Eating Bananas, oranges, Raw spinach, cucumbers, Broccoli,eggs, fish,tofu helps build a sound health by including these items in your daily diet. Intake of Vitamin B2 capsules also helps increase your stamina.

Also, If you are undergoing a surgery or any sort of minor operation, make sure moon is transiting in fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or aquarius. Avoid any other signs.As moon rules our body fluids, Five dats before or after the time of new moon is considered best for operation or surgery.

Moon afflicted native not only can face the above health problems but are also not at all stable in their life. They are not good decision makers and are always dependent on others. They always are depressed and upset. They get suicidal tendencies which make their life hell.


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