Most Common and Types of Diseases

I hope my posts have been very helpful for all. People who are already into astrology and know basics of astrology may have been come to know how to analyse certain types of diseases in a natal chart and through dasha system we can predict the timings of diseases as well.

So today's post is another interesting one in which i will discuss about most common types of ailments which people are suffering and their astrological principles. By applying then one can easily find out the extent of disease which a person may suffer in his/her life.

Our classical texts have referred to many principles to identify a disease. But the basic ones which helps us understand the depth of that ailment, i will discuss today.

1. DIABETES : Human body derives energy from glucose. But excess of glucose in a body leads to diabetes. Cause is deficiency of insulin in body. Insulin hormone is produced by pancreas helps body to utilise glucose.

Combinations for diabetes in astrology are as follows -

Planets Jupiter, Venus and 5th house have a vital role in case of diabetes.  Also jupiter/venus's association in lagna , with lagna lord, association with 2nd house/lord makes a person fond of eating sweets in excess.

a. Jupiter/venus's association with 6th/8th/12th houses/lords.

b. Jupiter/venus debilitated/retrograde /badhak.

c. Jupiter / Venus in Rahu- Ketu axis,any of them are combust.

d. Saturn /rahu afflicting jupiter/venus in any way.

e. 5th house/lord have malefic influence like association with 6th/8th/12th house/lords.

2. INJURY PRONE HOROSCOPE : If person gets any type of frequent injuries to his/her body then the native is said to be prone to injuries. Affliction of mars/saturn/rahu/ketu on lagna lagna lord, moon ,makes native prone to injury. Some of the following combinations in a horoscope which indicates person prone to injury are as follows :

a. If Mars is aspecting/conjuct moon , person face a lot of injuries. But if moon becomes lagna lord in case of cancer ascendant then person is surely has to face injuries.

b. Any type of association of mars with 4th lord/house is the indication of injury prone horoscope. As 4th house represents vehicle, property etc.

c. Malefic planets in 1/4/7/10th houses ie kendras make a horoscope weak in terms of health of a native.

d. Any type of connection between 4th and 6th house/lords ie conjunction, parivartan yoga / mutual aspect.

e. 4th house in rahu ketu axis or 4th lord with either rahu/ketu in 6th house.

3. PILES : If 7th/8th houses/lords are severly afflicted by malefics then person suffers from piles and sometimes may undergo surgery to recover from it . Following are some of the astrological combinatiosn -

a. If planet saturn is severly afflicted by other malefics like saturn mars mutual aspect can cause piles.

b. Sun placed in ascendant aspecting 7th house , saturn in 7th house/libra and mars in 8th house indicates piles.

c. Ketu placed in 8th house or2/8 axis in rahu/ketu axis or ketu/mars in 8th house with lagna lord causes piles.

These are only some of the astrological combinations for most common types of diseases. Recovery depends on the type of dasha native is undergoing , and the next dasha which he will face. If upcoming dasha is favourable then there are chances of recovery and vice versa.


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