NAKSHATRAS and Parts of the body.

We all know there are 27 constellations (ie nakshtras). Some people have found out that their are 30 nakshtras and not 27(research is on). Each zodiac sign has two and half of nakshtra.For example :
Aries contain 3 nakshatras namely - Ashwani , Bharani and half of Krittika and so on.
Each nakshtra depicts a body part of a human being as follows:

1. Ashwini -  Upper Feet                                                                                   
2. Bharani -Lower feet
3. Krittika - Head
4. Rohini- Forehead
5. Mrigshira - Eyebrows
6.Ardra - Eyes
7. Punarvasu - Nose
8. Pushya - Face
9. Ashlesha - Ears
10. Magha -  Chin
11. Purva Phalguni -Right hand
12. Uttara Phalguni -Left hand
13. Hasta -Fingers
14. Chitra - Neck
15. Swati -Chest
16.Vishakha - Lungs
17. Anuradha - Stomach
18. Jyeshta - Right portion of stomach
19. Moola-  Left portion of stomach   
20. Purva Ashadha -Back
21. Uttara Ashadha -Waist
22. Sravana - Upper genital
23. Dhanishta - Generative organs
24. Shatbhisa - Right thigh
25. Purva Bhadrapada - Left thigh
26. Uttara Bhadrapada - Ankle
27. Revati - Feet

Now, we know what each body part each nakshtra depicts. So people born in a particular nakshtra may face problems in that particular part of the body. Specially see the nakshtra in which sun , moon, lagna and lagna lord are.
Also, we can also check which body part can be affected of native's mother father etc.  For example , if we want to check for native's mother. Ia horoscope 4th house and 4th lord are taken into consideration for mother. Check in which nakshtra 4th lord is. By checking the nakshtra we can identify the affected body part of mother.

Types of problems caused by Nakshtras are as follows:

People born in Ashwani nakshtra can face problems related to upper feet and fever. Bharani people cam face issues realted to lower feet and dysentry. Krittika natives can face head realted issues like headahes,intestinal problems . Rohini people can face piles and issues related to forehead like pigmented skin , pimples. Mrigshira natives face problems realted to eyebrows like less eyebrows, indigestion. Ardra people can face eyes realted issues like weak eyesight and weak digestion as well. Punarvasu natives face nose realted problems, cholera. Pushya people face face ailments like pigmented skin, rashes and also disease of tastelessness. Ashlesha natives face ears realted diseases and anemia also .

Magha nakshtra dominating people can face chin related issues and breathing problems like ashtama etc. Purva phalguni people can face problems in their right hand and cough as well. Uttara phalguni natives face left hand related problems and skin issues, leprosy also sometimes(in proper combinations) . Hasta peolle can face problems in their fingers  and diabetes. Chitra natives face neck region related issues and loss of conciousness. Swati dominating people can face chest related issues and eye problems. Vishakha natives can face issues in their lungs and ears. Anuradha natives can face stomach and nose related issues . Jyeshta people can face problems in their right portion of stomach and teeth, tongue, gums throat.

Moola people can face problems in their left portion of stomach and TB. Purva Asashda natives faces back pains and stone in urinary stract. Uttara ashadha people faces problems in their waist area and vomitting. Sravana natives can face genital problems and tastelessness. Dhanishta people faces problems in their reproductive organs like in female abortions or miscarriages. Shatbhisha natives can face problems in their right thigh. Purva bhadrapada dominating people may face problems in their left portion of their thigh and kapha related diseases. Uttara bhadrapada people faces issues in their ankle and fatigue. Revati natives can face problems in their feet and are prone to wounds.

Also , i have discussed earlier in my posts that whatever one faces either health issues or any type of suffering , is because of his own bad previous life karmas. Neither God nor any human is to be blamed for this. One has to accept it and have faith on god. Because in astrology EVERY PROBLEM HAS A SOLUTION .These problems can become adverse if malefics are in this particular nakshtra as well.These can be felt in the dasha of a particular planet in that specific nakshtra.But you don't have to worry, Proper diet can solve all these problems in no time.


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