Principles for Ears and Eyes Diseases in Astrology

There are some factors that are to be judged to study eyes and ears related ailments in a horoscope.

Astrological principles for eye ailments :

1. First and foremost Sun and Moon which represent right and left eye respectively. Ant type of afflictions on any of them can lead to eye diseases. Severe afflictions can also lead to eye blindness as well. For example , if sun is placed in 8th house of a horoscope with 2nd lord , also moon in rahu ketu axis can give a very weak eye sight. If moon in 6th house and sun in 12th house aspecting moon gives weak eyesight.

2.  VENUS - Planet venus represent eye sight(lens of eye). Affliction to venus causes problems in eyesight. Strong venus represents beautiful eyes and face.

3. Second  House/Lord  - Second house/lord represent right eye and vision. Strong 2nd House/lord is an indication of good and healthy eyes. 2nd lord in 6th/8th/12th house or vice versa or in rahu ketu axis can also damages right eye.

4. Twelfth House/Lord - 12th house/ lord represents left eye. So any affliction to these gives problems in left eye. 12th lord in 6th/8th house or vice versa or in rahu ketu axis damages left eye.

All the above five ie sun, moon, venus, 2nd house/lord. 12th house/lord if have benefic influence on then native will have strong and beautiful eyes and eyesight.

Astrological Principles for ear ailments :

1. Third House - 3rd house/ lord in a horoscope represents hearing and right ear .So severely affliction on them can lead to ear diseases and hearing system.

2. MERCURY - Mercury is the planet which represent communication . Unafflicted mercury can lead to strong hearing mechanism.

3. Eleventh House -  11th house/lord represents left ear of native. So any affliction to them can lead to diseases of left ear and hearing mechanism as well.

All the above three ie mercury , 3rd house/lord and 11th house/lord should have benefic influence on them which indicates strong and healthy ears and hearing mechanism .


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