Progeny and Curses

This is going to be one of the special and interesting posts. To carry on his 'VANSH' one needs a progeny. Lucky are those who gets a good and healthy children. And some people never gets a child in their life because of malefic planetary combinations in their chart. Not able to conceive or not getting a desired progeny are because of ones past life paap karmas. Paap karmas in the sense that native may have been cursed by his mother/father/brother/wife/lady etc  .

Now , why do a person curse ??
The person who may curse may have been cheated in any way by a particular person and curses the native out of disgust and agony. In this post i will discuss about some combinations which indicates curse by mother/ father/ancestors/brother/wife etc. I will discuss some of the important combinations. There are 1000s of such combinations in astrology(still research is on ).

To determine about progeny , 5th lord, 5th house and Jupiter(JEEVAKARAKA) has to be analysed. If any of these are badly placed ie in 6th/8th/12th houses, aspected by 6th/8th/12th lords or in conjuct with dushtanas lords then native may face difficulties in having a child or may also face childlessness in severe cases. Also 5th house depicts our past life karmas.

CURSE BY FOREFATHERS/ANSCESTORS :  If 5th lord is sun itself and posited in either 5th/9th house conjuct with a malefic or in paap kartri or aspected by malefics, natives suffers pitrshaap (pitra=anscestors). If 5th lord conjuct with sun and jupiteri is in leo sign, and if paap garahas are in 5th house with ascendant then it is a strong indication of pitrshaap.

CURSE BY BROTHER : If 3rd lord is in 5th house with either mars/rahu and if 5th lord and ascendant both are in 8th house then native suffers bhrathrushaap(bhrathru=brother). if 5th lord is debilitated in 3rd house of siblings and saturn with mars in 5th house or saturn in 5th house and mars in 12th house is another strong indication of bhrathrushaap.

CURSE BY MOTHER : If moon is 5th lord and if moon gets afflicted in any way either in debilitation or paap durdhara yog or gets aspected by malefics then natives suffers from maatrushaap(maatru=mother). If 5th lord is in 6th/8th/12th houses, lagnesh is debilitated and moon gets conjunct with malefics then native gets problems in having progeny due to curse of mother.

CURSE BY A BRAHMIN : If 9th lord is posited in 5th house and 5th lord is in 8th house with jupiter/mars/rahu native suffers from brahminshaap. If 12th lord is in 5th house conjuct with rahu and 9th lord is debilitated then it is a strong indication of brahminshaap.

CURSE BY WIFE : If 7th lord is in 8th house and 12th lord in 5th and jupiter is afflicted by malefic then native suffers patnishaap. If any malefic is in 2nd house of family and 7th lord in 8th house and malefics are placed in 5th house of children then it is a strong indication of patnishaap.

CURSE BY A GHOST(PRET): If rahu is in ascendant and saturn in 5th house conjunct mars or aspected by mars native suffers from pretshaap. If saturn and rahu are in ascendant then native suffers obsctacles in having a progeny due to evil spirits.

CURSE BY SNAKE : If in either form rahu gets involved with 5th/9th house or 5th/9th lord or conjuct with jupiter then native gets problems in having a child due to sarpshaap.

These curses are the painful outbursts of a person of a good soul by other person which in next birth native suffers in one way or the other. But the above combinations and 1000s of other malefic  combinations can get into control if they get any benefic aspect. Also , by performing some rituals can help mitigate the above curses, which i will discuss in my next post. 


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