Role of Retrograde Planets in Medical Astrology

In this post i m going to talk about role and effects of retrograde planets in medical astrology. Retrograde means to move backwards. In a horoscope if a planet is retrograde it means that planet will also give the results of previous house as well. Beneficence of planet increases if benefic planet is retrograde and vice versa. In medical astrology, retrograde planets render longevity and health of a native wherever placed in a natal chart. Let us see some results of retrograde planets in terms of medical astrology.

- In my earlier posts i have mentioned that presence of benefic planets in kendra sthan (1,4,7,10) promises sound health. But if these benefic planets are retrograde then they loose their capacity to give healthy lifestyle to the native.

- We know that if lagna lord is placed in lagna itself is the strong factor for good health but if lagna lord being retrograde placed in lagna then it can severely effect the health of native whether benefic / malefic. So, here retrograde lagna lord placed is of no use as it will not help native live healthy lifestyle.

-If native has retrograde lagna lord (either benefic / malefic ) and native aquires the dasha of retrograde lagna lord itself at the time of birth then he/she will suffer from congenital illness.

- Planets aspected or conjunct or associated with retrograde planets in any way will not help native life a healthy lifestyle. And if these planets which are associated with retrograde planets are running in MD/AD/PD , then also native's help will render.

- According to the concept of Karko Bhaav Nashaye , if karaka gets posited in its own house destroys the karkatatwas of that house.  But there is an exception in case of saturn. Saturn is the karaka of 8th house and promotes longevity if placed in 8th house itself. But if this saturn is retrograde in 8th house then it looses its capacity to promote good health but renders native's health. If this saturn is not retrograde but placed or associated with any other retrograde planets then also it is of no use and severly effects native's health.

One gets fruits of his karma. But these effects can be reduced by following specific astrological remedies and a healthy diet. 


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