Significations of planets in Medical Astrology

There are three types of temperament which each planets signifies. That is :

1. Bilious (Pitta) temperament
2.Phlegmatic (Kapha) temperament
3.Windy (Vaata) temperament

SUN - Sun represent Pitta and indicates general health of a native. Sun represnts ones soul.It  rules the 5th house of a horoscope and is the karaka of first, 5th,9th and 10th house. Sun also tells about how much strong native's heart chakra is. Strong heart chakra indicates less heart related issues.

People with less intake of vitamin A and D and with less iodine and magnesium in their body can face  number of heart related issues like angina pectoris and heart failure as well.Sun also rules, stomach, bones , right eye. So severely afflicted sun can cause baldness, burns, stomach ailments, eye diseases etc.

MOON -  Moon represents Kapha and Vaata Temperament . Mainly indicates soundness of mind of native. It rules the 4th house of a horoscope.

Moon rules bodily fluids, left eye, mind blood.People with afflicted moon should consume potassium rich foods otherwise they can face diseases like anemia, phlegmatic disorders.

MERCURY - Mercury represents Vatta, Pitta and kapha temperament. Generally it indicates intelligence, speech of a native. It rules nervous system . It rules skin, lungs, throat, nose in a body. Mercury rules two zodiac signs namely Gemini and Virgo. Gemini rules channels through which blood , enzymes, oxygen moves, Virgo rules pancreatic breakdown of sugar into glucose as it deals with the splitting action.

An afflicted Mercury causes mental illness, defect in speech, thyroid, skin diseases, deafness and nervous breakdown as well. Deficiency of Thiamine in a body can cause the above problems. Including nuts,legumes,liver,peas in your daily diet can reduce the negative effect of mercury.

MARS - Mars represents Pitta temperament. It reflects ones vigour and vitality. Mars acts as a fuel with the help of our body works and sun is the engine. It rules head, bone marrow, Hb, muscles, adrenal gland, blood.Activated mars means inflammation, rapid temperature.

Afflicted Mars causes blood related infections like problems in menstrual cycle in females, anemia,high BP, miscarriages, abortions, eye issues. Intake of foods like spinach, pumpkin seeds, lentils,soup can help reduce the incoming of such diseases in ones life.

JUPITER - Jupiter represents Kapha temperament  and afflicted Jupiter causes phlegmatic issues in a body. It rules liver, gall bladder, spleen , part of pancreas and fat. As it is a slow moving and heaviest planet, causes chronic health problems. It indicates swelling , abnormal expansion,diabetes. Improper breakdown of fats in a body indicates weak Jupiter in  a chart.  Jupiter if hard aspected causes sugar related issues.

Jupiter ruled people tend to overeat foods high in acids, resulting high amount of uric acid in their body and Gout is the outcome. Daily diet should include foods like soya beans, vegetables,bread, oatmeal.

VENUS - Venus represents Vatta And Kapha temperament. Venus is the planet of love. is a very soft planet. It indicates sexual drive of a person. It has a dominion over half of circulatory system. Also rules skin, eyesight, seminal fluid, reproductive organs, urinary system. It helps regulates kidneys, thyroid.

Afflicted  Venus gives sexual disorders, skin issues, cataract, diabetes. Consuming almonds, olive oil, broccoli, kiwifruit in your diet helps regulates the deficiency of certain vitamins and minerals which reduces the weak effect of Venus in ones chart.

SATURN -Saturn represents Vatta and Kapha temperament. It is the slowest of all the planets as it takes 2 and half years to transit in one sign and 30 years to complete one cycle of a horoscope. So this planet causes chronic or incurable diseases. It rules over feet and legs, bones, teeth.

A severely afflicted Saturn causes paralysis, tumors and cancers, diseases related to legs and feet. Lack of sulfur in body may damage hair and finger nails. Hardly aspected Saturn in a horoscope can cause pigmentation. One should increase the intake of lemons, turnip, cabbage, lettuce, prunes, pomegranate in their daily diet to reduce the negative effects of Saturn in their chart.   


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