Story of Diseases Present since Birth

Some people who face ailment since birth or due to heredity is known as Congenital ailments.
If dasha at the time of birth is unfavorable or of malefic planets then the native suffers from congenital illness and if ill illness starts after sometime of birth , then it will not be called as congenital illness and the native will be said as born healthy. So, role of dasha is very important to find whether the native suffers from inborn disease or not.

Factors responsible for inborn ailments :

- 6th/8th/12th houses or their lords are involved in the dasha and if natural malefics, more adverse. Also since lagna and lagna lord are main to determine health of an individual. So if these are also afflicted or associated in any form (conjuction, aspect, parviratan yog, planets in mutual warfare, in same degree), at the time of birth, then the native suffers from ailments.

-Lagna lord or the planets operating in dasha at the time of birth are in close contact with Rahu/ Sun/ Ketu gives bad health and if has association with Mars/Ketu/Saturn gives indications of surgeries.

-Retrograde planets in dasha while birth or lagna lord is retrograde or with a retrograde planets , then native suffers from inborn diseases. Benefic retrograde become more malefic for health.

Saving Factors :

-Aspects of conjunction or any type of association of benefic planets like Jupiter/Venus(only if they are unafflicted in the chart) with the lagna lord and planets in the dasha at the time of birth becomes saving factor for the native.

-Right and healthy diet can control the inborn diseases and make the native healthy in no time.

Also, How can  a medical astrologer find out recovery of native ??

If the dasha next to the dasha running at the time of birth is malefic , then chances of recovery of illness becomes less. But if dasha after the malefic dasha affecting health of a native is favourable then chances of recovery is there with proper Diet.


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