Acidity and Cure in Medical Astrology

One of the most common problems in every age group is acidity. Acidity is caused by excess production of acids in the stomach. Mars, Neptune, Uranus rule acids in the body. When acid production in stomach is in excess, person suffers stomach disorders ruled by moon and cancer sign. In some cases, native suffers from extreme stomach aches (stomach ache is ruled by Virgo and saturn) as well. As mars rules acids and due to Virgo (mercury being the lord) and Saturn sharing an enemical relation with it, native suffers acidity etc. Stomach secretes acid which is necessary for the breakdown of food, but if in excess causes various stomach related issues.


1. Consumption of extreme spicy and fried foods. These are in the packaged/refined form. Here native consumes excess of spices and fried foods (ruled by mars and venus ) and processed food (ruled by moon and saturn). Excess of all these disturbs the body mechanism resulting in acidity.

2. Intake of fats and sweets (both ruled by jupiter), adulterated and fermented food (activates moon , mars and pluto). Jupiter is the planet of expansion and intake in excess will result in stomach disorders. All the adulterated or fermented food items are refined and processed activating Saturn as well in a negative way.

3. It is also found out that chain smoking also leads to acidity. Smoking ruled by Taurus, mars, venus, rahu and ketu affects not only stomach but other organs severely. 2nd house ruled by Taurus indicating bad food habits, also rahu, ketu and mars indicates the habit of smoking. This bad lifestyle affects stomach very much. The activation of the malefic planets affects health of the native. And if in the horoscope, these planets are severely affected, health suffers grossly.

But you don’t have to worry, by changing your lifestyle and including the following items in your diet can reduce/cure the acidity :

1. Drink spinach juice in raw form daily helps in reducing acidity. Raw spinach is ruled by Saturn, venus and Taurus activates all this in a positive form. Taurus according to kalapurush chart indicates 2nd house of the horoscope and venus being the karaka of second house helps improve digestion (ruled moon, cancer , Jupiter and virgo). Raw is ruled by Saturn , which activates the positive attributes of Saturn. Raw foods help in good digestion but cooking (which is ruled by mars, moon, cancer and 6th house) destroys the nutrients in the food. Cooking activates 6th house of the horoscope resulting in acidity and various other ailments.

2. Potato juice too can help cure acidity. Potatoes are ruled by venus and Saturn and potatoes being alkaline in nature, balances the acids in the stomach. One can consume one – fourth of a cup of potato juice daily. Venus ruling the eating habits and Saturn being the planet of discipline, will help bring life on track reducing the negative effects of malefic planets activated due to unhealthy eating habits.


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