Age wise Diet in Astrology

We are living in the world of medicines. People nowadays are happy being on medication rather than being fit which requires efforts either in the form of proper diet , excercises etc. A very strong myth that only medicine can cure a person , " as a lie repeated often becomes accepted as truth"  has become a trend. Fact is that person affected by various lifestyle diseases can be cured and can be controlled by living a disciplined life by taking care of your eating habits and lifestyle. Since a female has many different roles to play in her life where she undergoes many changes in her body as well at every stage of life , so a proper nutritious diet is very important for her. Following are some important factors to be looked upon for every age group  :

1. 20+ Age Group - In this age , female's body starts getting prepared for becoming a mother. Planets mars and saturn play a very important role for this age group. So, proper intake of calcium and folic acids will help a female native's body prepare for difficult times. Proper intake of calcium will help make bones strong , consuming low fat or no fat milk will help. Also, approximate 450 micro gram of folic acid in the form of rice,cereals, beans ,green vegetables can be consumed daily. Proper and regular intake of nutrients will help reduce the negative effects of mars and saturn in the horoscope.

2. 30+ Age Group - As the age increases , rate of metabolism starts decreasing by 4 - 9% in females in every 10 years. In this age ,due to nutrients deficiency and wrong lifestyle females may suffer from diseases like Bp, hypertension, diabetes , PCOD, obesity . Jupiter, Sun , moon , venus planets play a very important role in this particular age. Proper intake of vitamin A, B12, E, biotin will help reduce the risk of these diseases . Decrease of calorie intake and adding proper nutrients in your diet will help improve your lifestyle and better your immune system. Consuming carrots, bell peppers, broccoli, green leafy vegetables , using sunflower or soybean oil for cooking will help reduce the negative effects of planets in the horoscope.

3. 40+ Age Group - Mostly females suffer from obesity in this age as there is increase in muscle loss and gain in weight. Less energy and more fatigue is experienced, sometimes depression and mental instability is also seen if moon is highly afflicted in the horoscope. A disciplined and proper lifestyle is a must. Apart from regular running/ walking, proper intake of vitamins , minerals and proteins are also very important. If jupiter is severely afflicted in the chart , native will consume a lot of fats and carbs resulting in obesity majorly. Avoiding foods like milk, egg yolk, wheat flour, carbonated drinks will help improve your health.

4. 50+ Age Group : Metaboilsm is at the lowest in this age. People with afflicted sun and venus in their charts will not be able to leave wheat in their diet and depend on it entirely which is the invitation for various diseases. Snacks can be taken 2 times in between the meals but remember snacks should be healthy. High intake of fiber is must in your diet.


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