Arthritis and Cure in Medical Astrology

Arthritis is ruled by saturn. If saturn is severely afflicted by malefics and posited in 6/8/12th houses then person suffers from this problem. But if strong jupiter aspects or gets connected with saturn in the chart, or if position of saturn improves in navamsa (D-9), there is a ray of hope that native may improve this lifestyle disease. Also, arthritis can also be cured by improving eating habits which i will talk about in this post later. A very important point to cure any disease is strong will power. Person with strong will power will improve faster than person with low will power. Arthritis means 'Inflammation of joints'.  Joints of the body are ruled by saturn, capricorn sign and 10th house of the horoscope and mars, sun, aries and leo rule inflammation. Since saturn shares an enemical relation with sun and mars which causes arthritis. In this disease, person becomes handicapped (ruled by saturn) as one or two joints gets completely deformed. Apart from inflammation, a lot of swellings (ruled by mars and jupiter) of joints occurs as well. Stress and sprain is also one of the causes of arthritis. Uranus ruling stress which affects majorly the immunity as well (uranus rules immunity) and sprains too are ruled by saturn, capricorn and uranus.

Following are some habits to be involved in your diet to improve arthritis :

1. Drinking fresh apple juice daily will help reduce inflammation of joints. Apples are ruled by venus and venus being friend of saturn eases arthritis. Remember not to use packaged juices (ruled by saturn and moon). Packaged juices contains chemicals ruled by neptune and pisces sign. Activated pisces sign will only worsen the situation and can lead to hospitalizations. Fresh home made apple juice is the best solution.

2. Arthritis is caused due to excess deposition of uric acid in joints. Afflicted saturn in a horoscope causes arthritis which also rules uric acid. Drinking potato juice daily will help in the reduction of uric acid in the joints. Since potato is ruled by venus and saturn both. Venus shares a friendly relation with saturn will help cure arthritis. Also, saturn ruling potato will gets activated in a positive form and help reduce swellings and inflammation of joints.

3. Include freshly squeezed 60 ml of amla juice in your diet daily for 2 months.  Why here i am saying to squeeze and not to consume in solid form is because squeezing is ruled by saturn which activates itself in a positive way and help heal (ruled by mercury and saturn-mercury share a friendly relation) arthritis. Amla also contains vitamin C (ruled by saturn). Lack of vitamin C is another cause of swelling of joints.

By changing your lifestyle/eating habits and indulging yourself in some sort of exercises either walking, stretching will help overcome any type of lifestyle diseases.


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