Conjunctions in Astrology

What is the meaning of conjunction in astrology?

Whenever two or more planets are placed in one house in a horoscope is called conjunction of planets. Now ,conjunction depends on the degree of planets as well. Although we can see that two planets are placed in the same house but it is not necessary that particular conjunction will give results due to difference in the degrees. A deep conjunction of two planets ought to give results due to very less difference in the degrees of two planets. Now how conjunction plays an important role in medical astrology.

We know that for sound health, a medical astrologer should carefully diagnose the position of lagna, lagna lord(ascendant), moon and sun. Also , malefics in 3/6/11 houses and benefics in kendras help in restoring health and longevity of native. But if lagna , lagna lord , moon sun are associated with ie conjunct , aspected or posited in 6/8/12 houses or with 6/8/12th lords or in Rahu/Ketu axis , health of the native suffers.

In this post, i will be discussing about how health suffers due to different conjunctions.

NOTE : Only those conjunctions which are less than two degree are considered(which will give result).

Planetary Warfare - When any two planets lie within one degree of each other, they are said to be in planetary warfare. The one which lags behind the other in terms of degree is said to be the winner and the other one looses in the war. But if ascendant lord is conjunct with any planet , and in this case whether lagna lord wins/looses the planetary warefare ,it doesn't matter. What matters is whether the lagna lord is conjunct with a benefic /malefic planet. If lagna lord is conjunct with a malefic planet , even if wins, winning the planetary warefare will not help restrore health and longevity of native . In the same way , if lagna lord is in close conjunction with a benefic planet, no matter who wins or looses, it will give protection to the lagna lord.

Role of Eighth lord : Firstly, we know that 8th lord and 8th house promotes longevity . If 8th lord is adversely afflicted then longevity of native suffers. Also if lagna lord is conjunct with 8th lord under benefic influence provides protection to native's health.

Role of Rahu/Ketu Axis : Rahu ketu axis conjunct with any planet destroys its natural karaktatwas. Also , if lagna is in rahu ketu axis or lagna lord is in deep conjunction with rahu/ketu adversely affects the health and longevity of the native . This adversity can be reduced if under benefic influence.

Role of Navamsa : If deep conjunctions of planets affecting health of the native , separates in navamsa (D9) chart, the malefic influence gets reduced.

Role of Degree of Longitude of  Ascendant : If any malefic planet like mars/saturn/rahu/ketu are placed in ascendant and are in close degree of longitude of ascendant ,results in severe health issues and affects longevity as well.

Here is an Example :



The above charts of a native, Lagna/Ascendant and Navamsha respectively indicates the ill health due to various reasons. Also the degree of lagna and the planets are also shown in lagna chart.

Firstly, native is Sagittarius ascendant and moon sign Taurus. Ascendant lord being jupiter placed in 11th house ( Trik House) , aspected by 6th lord venus indicates loss of health. Also , all the malefics placed in kendras also affecting natives health. A malefic ketu present in lagna , close to the cusp(degree of longitude) of lagna severly affecting health. Moon being the karaka of mind placed with mercury in 6th house, is also not giving any protection, instead giving an unstable mind(depression to the native). Sun being the natural significator of health is also afflicted due to rahu ketu axis. Although if we have a look in navamsha chart, Jupiter and venus both the benefics in kendras giving some protection to the native's health .Saturn being the 6th lord aspecting lagna and mercury, the ascendant lord  placed with 8th lord malefic mars , looses the planetary warefare is giving no protection to the native's health. So , overall this native is not having a good health due to innumerable malefic associations. 


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