Cure Diseases by Food in Medical Astrology

By following some specific rules and regulations according to the particular horoscope, native can cure his lifestyle diseases. Almost everyone is facing some or the other type of lifestyle diseases like depression, heart ailments, kidney and liver problems, diabetes, High and Low BP, hypertension, cancer, tumor etc. These illnesses are caused due to unhealthy lifestyle, bad eating habits and hectic schedule.

Following are some cure which can be done to reduce the negative effects of planets in the horoscope creating innumerable health issues:

SUN - Reduce the intake of salt in your diet. Also, avoid eating salt on Sunday. Use a silver vessel/glass to drink water. Avoid  Kidney beans, suji in your diet.

MOON – Avoid banana, ice cream, ice, ice cold water from fridge, radish and curd in your diet. If you are really fond of these food items, you can take them often but not regularly. If you want to eat rice and curd, make use of asafoetida, cumin, carom etc in it.

MARS – Try to eat food in utensils made up of soil that is soil containers or earthen pots etc. Make a mixture of grated coconut, cardamom and rock candy (mishri) and eat 1 spoon daily after lunch or dinner.

MERCURY – Make use of amla, bacopa monnieri (brahmi) and shankhpushpi in your diet. Also, intake of coconut water, neem and anise (saunf) will help reduce the negative effects of mercury in your chart.

JUPITER – Remove banana from your diet, still if banana is your favourite fruit, do take cardamom after eating banana. After dinner, do drink a glass of hot water. Also avoid use of turmeric in your food. Papaya is too not good for you if you have afflicted Jupiter in your chart. Still you want to eat papaya sprinkle some black pepper on it.

VENUS – If venus if not supporting you in your chart in terms of health, try consuming a mixture of cardamom, anise (saunf), rock candy (mishri) and grated coconut 4-5 times in a day in small quantities.

SATURN – Avoid alcohol in your diet, even wine. Drink lukewarm water only. Include heeng, ajwain, harad (haritaki) in your diet.

RAHU – To reduce the negative effects of rahu in a horoscope, avoid brinjal, radish, turnip in your diet. Try to eat your food in the kitchen.

KETU – Include lemon, mushroom, soybean, cashews in your diet chart. Daily in the morning drink lemon water. Try to make vegetables from soybean, mushroom.


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