Effects of Drinking in Medical Astrology

Drinking here not only means alcohol, but any type of liquid intake whether it is soda, squash or water. Intake of the type of liquid decides your health. So whatever we drink, kidneys in ones body deals with it. People drinking very less amount of liquid can face a lot issues from skin problems to issues in their kidneys, urethra, inflammation or burning while passing urine, infections as well. Hence , proper intake of liquid is very important.

There are many types of water/liquids available in the market which an individual drinks. One such type of water is that which one gets through tap , which is mostly polluted in many countries hence avoided by people and thus they depend on sodas, squashes etc. Secondly , people drink distilled water but this type of liquid is not healthy as water is boiled and then again collected in a container which washes out all the minerals present in water making it of no use. Thirdly , fresh water which is available in packed bottles is also good for drinking.

In today's world, people are addicted to tea ,coffee,  number of carbonated drinks and avoid water which are very poor in nutritional value and thus makes body weak in many ways if consumed in excess amounts. Drinking coffee is not so bad if consumed in less quantities, it helps reduces stress but if consumed in large quantities can cause irritation, nervousness etc. Excess consumption of coffee can cause rise in cholesterol and fats affecting liver as well.Coffee washes out about 40-50% of minerals and vitamins from the body, same in the case of tea. Both contain high level of caffeine. This addiction can be reduced by taking proper diet /nutrients and indulging yourself in green tea or any other types of herbal tea available in the market.

Also consumption of carbonated drinks, sodas etc can cause teeth/mouth  related ailments. It all depends on the types and the amount of liquid a person is taking. Excess of everything is bad.

Although , consumption of alcohol is also not bad if taken in limited quantities. Combinations of addictions towards alcohol(alcoholism) can easily be diagnosed through natives's horoscope. Both wine and beer are not bad for health if taken like medicine. Wine is made from grapes and beer contains protein. But if taken in excess , person becomes unconscious, it severely affects the central nervous system destroying brain cells.As we know liver deals with the types of liquids one is consuming , so heavy amount of beer or wine or any other alcohol can give liver cirrhosis. Some people also drink due to emotional problems.


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