Effects of Smoking in Medical Astrology

About 80% of people smoke and face a lot of issues as a result. A person faces not only one but multiple problems due to this habit. This habit can be easily diagnosed in ones horoscope. Smoking is either due to habit or nervousness . Strong role of Saturn , Mercury and Venus can be seen in native's horoscope. Mercury is the planet which rules the nerves and tubing system in our body, also venus as it is the planet which denotes pleasure and saturn as smokers loose maximum of vitamin C in their body due to this habit.

Smoking effects majorly lungs, blood circulation of our body, defects in bone, problems in eyes, clogged arteries , stomach issues, hypertension. Let us discuss a little bit about all the above problems.

A chain smoker when smokes , it paralyses the hair like projection lining the nose and lungs. The main work of these hair like projections is to keep away the bacteria , dust particles which can enter through nose in our body causing a lot of issues. Major disturbance in blood circulation is also seen due to this extreme habit which can cause muscle cramps and body pain.

Increase in acidity in bone tissue is yet another problem caused by excessive smoking. So, bone minerals like phosphorus and calcium get slowly mixed up with blood in the body resulting in weak and fragile bones. Such issue can prove to be very dangerous for native as a very small bump or fall can crack the bones very easily. Also due to extreme smoking habits , native can loose their eyesight causing blindness in some cases as well. Chain smoking can also lead to clogged arteries in body , restricting proper flow of blood in the body which can also causes strokes. Problems in digestion, Swelling in different areas, Constipation are some of the ailments caused by smoking.

Although the native can suffer such ailments due to habit of smoking but with proper intake of deficint vitamins and minerals with good diet can help native leave this habit in no time. Hope you find my post informative and sharing this post with people who smoke can help them leave this habit very soon.  


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