Hectic Weekend = Healthy Weekdays, HOW?

Today, everyone have a hectic lifestyle. Working in weekdays and travelling, outing, having fun in weekends has become a latest trend. After having a lot of fun at weekends, getting up early morning on Monday becomes a very tough job, starting a fresh week with the same energy becomes a little tough for everyone, also, many people feel lazy and sleepy in their office as well. Moon ruling Monday represents mind, emotions, happiness but due to hectic schedule people feel sleepy and lazy ruling Saturn which is enemy of Moon. Due to this yoga, 6th house of work gets affected badly,  people feel drowsy at work and not able to concentrate. Also, due to Moon - Saturn combination, people may face mood swings, mental instability, affecting health majorly. In this post we will discuss,  how to start your day with the same energy every-time after a hectic weekend to avoid problems at work :

1. Sometimes, it becomes very difficult to resist sleep due to much effect of Saturn on our body, we feel sleepy tapering our performance in work. In such a case, one should take a quick 20-25 min nap. After taking a nap, and to regain your energy you can drink hot water which will activate sun and mars, making you physically more active and you will coordinate well with your bosses and colleagues.

2. If you have an afflicted Saturn in your chart it is obvious that you will feel sleepy or lazy often at work. So, once you can drink a cup of hot coffee, not cold coffee as cold coffee is ruled by saturn will increase fatigue and you will feel more sleepy. Drinking hot coffee will activate mars , which will make you active and keep going without feeling drowsy at work.

3. Whenever you feel sleepy or lazy at work, try to listen fast or rock music. Rock music ruled by mars will open up your senses and help you become active at workplace. You may feel irritated for sometime but for your surprise, after few minutes you will be ready for your work again.

4. By letting yourself take at least 15 minutes of sunshine will help you get rid of sleep and laziness at work. Sun ruling sunshine will help you fill with positive energies and confidence. Also, being in sunshine will help you get rid of not only laziness (ruled by Saturn and since Sun and Saturn are enemies) but also other lifestyle diseases like hair loss, depression etc. It will also help make cordial relations with your seniors and colleagues.

5. Avoid packaged/processed foods ruled by Moon and Saturn and their combination will only deteriorate your health also creating a lot of mood swings at work resulting issues with your seniors and colleagues. Such foods take very long time to digest. Indulging in fresh and raw fruits/vegetables ruling Jupiter, Venus and Moon once, will help you digest faster and remain healthy. Fruits and  vegetables are ruled by benefic planets Jupiter, Venus and Moon will help incorporate positive thoughts.

6. Drinking water once in an hour will help open your senses and make you hydrated as well. Moon and cancer sign(watery sign) or 4th house of a horoscope ruling water, mind, happiness will help reduce stress hormones and mood swings. In summers, Mars gets activated which makes our body more active and sweaty releasing sweat making us dehydrated and winters ruled by Rahu and Saturn which gives a lot of mood swings, mental tensions/anxieties, hallucinations, confusions at work , so to reduce the negative effects of these planets, hydrating the body time to time will charge you with happiness and positive vibrations.

&. Last but not the least, if you are really feeling sleepy at work, you can exercise for 10 minutes to charge your body again. To reduce the negative effects of Saturn, you can activate mars by exercising a bit in washroom. Also by doing a walk for 10 minutes will activate mercury, which will help you to communicate easily with other people at work. 


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