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Due to hectic schedule people use a lot of packaged / processed food items in daily life like chips, namkeen, peanuts etc. Also, living a lifestyle due to pressure of society and traditions rather than a disciplined lifestyle which can help reduce different health issues, is more convenient to people. All these packaged food items contain chemicals (ruled by Pisces sign and Neptune). Pisces sign is the sign of hospitalizations and Neptune can give a lot of depressions and anxieties if consumed in large quantities. Packed juices, where packing is ruled by Saturn and moon rules juice is very harmful for health of an individual. Saturn shares an enemical relation with moon, can give a lot of issues like sleeping sickness, stomach problems etc. Although packed juice contain good amount of nutrients and anti-oxidants but those are in the refined form (refining is ruled by Venus). Intake of excess of Venus that is refined food will only create a lot of toxins in the body thereby increase the risk of different ailments. As Neptune, Scorpio and Pluto become activated due to excess consumption of Venus (ie refined food), body faces a lot of problems in digestion. Moon, cancer sign, Jupiter and virgo ruling digestion sharing not so good relation with Neptune, Scorpio, Pluto and Venus will create a lot of confusions for digestive system in the body resulting in health issues. 

Calorie : Sun and moon ruling calorie, is important for the body but excess consumption of calories will lead to obesity. Obesity is ruled by Jupiter, Venus and Taurus sign. Venus and Taurus sign according to kalapurush chart rules the 2nd house of eating habits and Jupiter is the planet of expansion . Sun and Moon sharing friendly relation with Jupiter will help in proper digestion of food but excess intake of calories will only lead to obesity. Also, Venus being enemical to Sun and Moon will become a catalyst leading to diabetes, high BP, hypertension and many other lifestyle diseases.  If you want to drink a packed juice, check the amount of calories in it and then you can have it. One should not buy a packed juice if 100 ml of juice contains 300 or more calories. Also remember that calorie intake in a day should not be more that 2000/2500.

Anti – Oxidants : All raw and leafy vegetables and fruits are rich in anti- oxidants (fruits are ruled by Venus and Jupiter, vegetables are ruled Moon and Virgo sign). All these planets and signs get activated in a positive way and help in healing (ruled by Mercury) of the body. Anti-oxidants help remove various toxins from our body only if consumed in raw or whole form. Also, it helps increase Red blood cells (which are ruled by Mars and Aries sign) in our body. It also increases the immunity (ruled by Uranus). Uranus gets afflicted by consuming packaged and refined food.

Pulp : Some packed juices contain pulp as well apart from juice of the fruit. Pulp is ruled by Jupiter and Moon which is good for body as pulp contains a lot of nutrition (ruled by Jupiter, Moon, Venus, Virgo and cancer) . Although, best foods are fresh and whole fruits but, in emergency one can consume packed juices which have a high amount of pulp in it.

Vitamins : There are a lot of vitamins like vitamin A, K, B, C etc but generally vitamin is ruled by sun. Sun is seen for the overall growth of a body. Sun indicates soul and general health of an individual. Afflicted Sun makes a person weak in health. So, before consuming packed juice, one should check the types of vitamins in it. For example, if you are consuming orange juice, it should have vitamin C (ruled by Saturn) in it.

Calcium : Calcium is ruled by Saturn. For strong bones, teeth, hair one should include calcium in their daily diet. One can consume packed juices, only in emergency, with calcium in it. Although, raw and fresh fruits are the best source of calcium.

Natural Fruit sugar : It is ruled by Mercury, Venus and Jupiter which are very important for the body. Diabetics should avoid packed juices with natural fruit sugar, but can consume the raw sources of natural fruit sugar like apple, orange, guava etc.

Added Sugar : Every packaged/processed food (ruled by Saturn and moon) contain added sugar (ruled by Mercury, Venus and Jupiter). The combination of all these planets will only deteriorate the health in many ways. Consuming high amount of sugar will only lead to diabetes. Natural sugar in the form of raw and whole fruits (ruled by Jupiter and Venus) is enough for the sugar intake by the body. Added sugar or natural sugar both are ruled by Jupiter and Venus as you can see. But added sugar means five or ten times more the quanity of natural sugar. So, you can imagine that intake of particular planet in the form of nutrient becomes high which lead to obesity, diabetes, heart issues, liver and kidney related problems and many other lifestyle diseases.

Preservation/Preservatives : It is ruled by Saturn. Excess/Lack of any vitamin or mineral will only lead to various lifestyle diseases. Natural fruits gets expired in maximum of 1 week or so. So, we consume fruits within 1 week so that body can benefit from it in a maximum way. But packed and processed juices (or any other item available in market) with preservatives help in preventing deterioration of food, protecting against spoilage from yeast (ruled by Neptune) etc.  But it is identified that preservatives leads to swelling (ruled by mars, Neptune and Jupiter ). Mars sharing an enemical relation with Saturn and Saturn-Jupiter being neutral to each other will give no benefit to the body only making it weak and prone to different lifestyle diseases.

So, we saw that packed fruits juices are of no use, only making our immune system weak and leading to different lifestyle diseases. If you are very much fond of fruit juices, then you can drink home made juices. Also, eating fruits in raw and whole form are the best sources of vitamins and minerals.


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