Role of Vitamins and Minerals in Astrology

Each planet depicts the types of vitamins and minerals they rule. And deficiency of particular vitamins and minerals can cause multiple diseases in a human body. Here are some of them :

1. Potassium is ruled by moon. And a severely afflicted moon in a horoscope can cause issues in female organs, difficulty in digesting sugar, weight gain , improper working of kidney.

2. Moon rules vitamin B-2 in a body. Deficiency of vitamin B-2 can cause skin and mouth issues. People lacking vitamin B-2 ( ie malefic influence of moon in horoscope) in their body can suffer from jaundice. To avoid this , one should go for vitamin B-2 supplements in their diet.

3. Jupiter rules manganese in body. Lack of manganese in a body can be a cause of diabetes , depression and mental anxieties. One can include pineapple and spinach in their lifestyle to improve the condition of jupiter in their horoscope.

4. Iodine is ruled by Sun. Severely afflicted sun in a horoscope makes body iodine deficient resulting hyper/hypo thyroid conditions in body. Use of iodized salt and boiled eggs in diet can improve the conditions of sun in your chart.

5. Saturn rules the amount of sulfur in a body. And after analyzing the position of saturn in a chart , one can check whether body is sulfur deficient or not. Also , lack of sulfur can cause problems related to skin , hair and teeth. Use of  good amount of garlic , onion , radish , peaches, dried apricots and dates can improve the deficiency of sulfur in your body.

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After analysis of the deficient vitamin and mineral in a body, one could include specific foods in their diet which could not only improve their lifestyle but also helps in improving the afflictions of planets making life diseases free.


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