Skin Diseases and Cure in Medical Astrology

Mostly girls and some boys are very much concerned about their skin. Although, not everyone is conscious about their skin, but due to afflicted and dominating moon in the horoscope (as moon rules consciousness) it becomes a habit for some people to worry too much about their skin. Skin is ruled by Saturn, Venus and Mercury. If all these are not well placed in a horoscope, native faces skin diseases. Native may have dry, flaky, acne prone skin, pigmentation etc. Sun and mars rule acne prone skin and since skin diseases are mainly due to Saturn, reason being sun and mars share an enemical relation with planet Saturn. So, consuming sun and mars ruling food items in excess may lead to skin issues. Also, exposure to sun should be less. Some people may get skin eruptions on head and face ruled by Mars and Aries sign (due to both Mars and Aries sign being afflicted by malefics in chart). Combination of Saturn, Mars, Sun in any way will lead to different skin problems. In this post, i will be suggesting some face packs for skin. Although there are many face packs available in the market which contains chemicals (ruling Neptune and Pisces), which are not at all favorable for skin. Use of natural ingredients will help heal you skin faster and naturally.  Also, if you want to achieve younger and brighter looking skin, start including fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. Minimum use of chemicals on your skin will help you get rid of different skin issues. Chemicals can be in the form of make-up, face packs(available in packaged form in market) etc and processed/packaged food as well.

1. Use of mud pack and rose (petals) or rose water : By making a face pack using these two ingredients will help reduce excess oil from your skin. Mud pack (multani mitti) ruled by Venus and Saturn (both sharing friendly relation), rose water/rose petals also ruled by Venus (friend of Saturn), mixture of these two will help heal the skin (healing again ruled by mercury, friend of Venus and Saturn both). Also, you can add a little bit of sandalwood powder ruled by Saturn will help brighten your skin. Keep the pack till dry and repeat it 3 times a week.

2. Pack of Neem and Turmeric : By applying a mixture of neem and turmeric will help reduce acne and pigmentation. Since skin is ruled by Saturn, Venus and Mercury and neem is ruled by Venus, Jupiter ruling turmeric(Venus sharing friendly relation with Saturn and Mercury, Jupiter being neutral with Saturn and Mercury being neutral towards Jupiter) will help clean your skin after few uses. All you have to do is make a paste of fresh neem leaves, (avoid purchasing neem powder from market,dry neem leaves under sun and use it in powdered form) add half a spoon of turmeric to it and apply it on your skin. Wash it with cold water. Neem and turmeric both acts as an antiseptic(as antiseptic rules by Venus) for skin. Also orange is a source of vitamin C ruled by Saturn again.

3. Pack of orange peel, milk, coconut oil, rose water : Make a face pack of powdered form of orange peel ruled by Jupiter and Saturn  (2-3 spoons), 3 spoons of milk (ruled by Venus, Moon) , 2-4 spoons of rose water/petals ruled by Venus and 1 spoon of coconut oil ruled by Venus. Mix the paste well and apply it on your face 2 times a week. The mixture of these items will help heal and brighten your skin. Saturn, Venus, being friends and Saturn-Jupiter sharing neutral relationship will help overcome different skin issues but in a gradual way, as these combinations include neutral relation as well.

4. Pack of Aloevera and Honey : This face pack suits every skin type and keeps the skin healthy. Afflicted Saturn in a horoscope will definitely give skin ailments to the native. So, choosing right and chemical free ingredients for skin is very important. Mixture of aloevera and honey will help reduce excess oil from the skin thereby reducing the risk of pigmentation (due to afflicted Saturn), patches, acne skin etc. Aloevera rich in vitamins like Vitamin C, A, E, B-1, B-6, B-3, B-2 (Saturn ruling Vitamin C, Venus ruling Vitamin E and B-3, Mercury ruling Vitamin B-1, Vitamin B-6 ruled by jupiter ) and Honey ruled by Venus and Jupiter (both sharing friendly and neutral relation respectively with Saturn, Venus and mercury) are useful and provides nourishment (moon ruling nourishment will impact the skin in a positive way and also reduce the habit of being too much conscious again ruled by moon itself) to the skin. Mix equal quantities of honey and aloevera (1:1 ratio) and apply it on the skin, let it dry for 10-15 minutes and wash with normal water.


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