Solutions for Swelling in Medical Astrology

In winters, mostly people complain about rashes, red spots, swelling which they face on their legs and hands. Winter is ruled by planet saturn. As we all know that saturn is a very slow and cold planet, takes two and a half years to change a sign. Sun and aries sign rule the body, also aries sign is ruled by mars. Saturn shares an enemical relation with sun and mars due to which body suffers from swellings, rashes which are also ruled by mars and jupiter. It is a very common problem in winters.

Here, I will suggest some simple solutions for swellings, rashes, red spots :

1. Rock Salt - Saturn holding the dominance in winter, there is loss of magnesium (ruled by sun) in the body, also water (ruled by moon) quantities are affected. To overcome these, one should use the method of fomentation. In this process, take a small tub full of warm water and mix some rock salt or simple salt will also be fine. Put the swollen part either hand or legs in the tub of 10-15 minutes. Here, water is ruled by moon and when we heat it which becomes warm water is ruled by sun and mars. So, by using this method, swelling of hands and legs will get reduced as in this method we are increasing the body temperature. In other words, we are activating sun and mars which rule the body itself. This process should by done once in a day.

2. Oil+Candle - Heat oil (any oil can be used like coconut or mustard oil ) in pan and add candle to it. Heat it till candle melts, keep it aside for 1 hour. Massage with this on the swollen area 2-3 times a day. Oil is basically ruled by pisces and 12th house, also moon and virgo rule oils of the body. Candle is also ruled by moon. Moon and jupiter share a friendly relation with sun and mars ( which rule the body). Melting is also ruled bu sun itself, which helps heal the swollen parts faster.

3. Olive oil - Massage with warm olive oil will also help heal the swollen and affected body parts. Body is ruled by sun and aries sign and sun also rules olive oil. So, by heating olive oil a little and applying it on the affected area will definitely help. This process has to be done 3 - 4 times a day. By applying olive oil, affected nerves (which is ruled by mercury) will get heal faster as sun and mercury share a friendly relation. Mercury also rules healing. This process will prove fruitful in a room with lukewarm temperature.

4. Flour - Since flour is ruled by jupiter and jupiter-sun share a friendly relation helps in healing of swollen body parts. Add some water to flour and apply the paste on the affected area for maximum 30 minutes. Wash it with lukewarm water and apply a moisturizer.

5. In winters, use warm water (ruled by sun and mars ) instead of cold water (ruled by saturn) to do daily chores.


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