Tips for Healthy Body in Astrology

In today's world, people are mostly consuming foods related to Saturn and moon because packing /processed food is ruled by Saturn and moon, and creating negative emotions or releasing stress hormones in the body leading to depression, number of mental disorders which further leads to lifestyle diseases. Also, refined food is ruled by Neptune and Venus, making a person sweet tooth which leads to diabetes. So, by reducing the consumption of such things will help reduce the negative impacts of planets on the body. Following are some tips to live a healthy life :

- If you are not physically active, Mars and Aries sign in the horoscope will not work properly which will result into many lifestyle diseases. Mars is the planet of energy and Aries sign according to kala purusha chart represent ones soul and personality. Both, if not activated by any means of physical activities will lead you to many health issues. Regular walking, which is ruled by mercury will not only help improve ones health but also helps in enhancing the communicative skills, skills to either listen or to dictate. Also as Mercury rules the tubing system in the body, regular walk can help open the clogged arteries in body as well .After half an hour of walk, one can indulge into any type of exercise or yoga or meditation. Saturn ruling meditation will strongly help increase concentration power of a person. Also, person's inclination towards religious travels increases, relation with father or guru like figure in their life becomes healthy as 9th house of a horoscope depicts meditation which improves drastically by regularly indulging into meditation. Also, problems related to thigh and legs starts improving slowly.

- Stop consuming items like refined foods, wheat flour, refined sugar and salt. Venus, Saturn and Neptune ruling such items and excess / regular consumption of such items, also, if these planets are severely afflicted in the horoscope, its unimaginable, how a person can face innumerable types of ailments. Saturn being the karaka of longevity, so indulging in these items will gradually reduces the longevity of a native as well.

- By consuming refined/packaged/processed foods, person falls sick which is ruled by Saturn, Mercury and 6th house of a horoscope. 6th house indicates prarbdha karmas which are inescapable karmas, so by consuming such unhealthy foods, there may be disturb in sleep and some people may also face sleeping sickness. Here, in this case moon and 12th house of a horoscope gets affected and becomes active. Person may face mental anxieties, mood swings, because of which he visits hospital and loses his hard earned money there. So, at least 7 - 8 hours of sleep is required, so that Saturn, moon and 12th house become positively active and helps increase concentration level and improves mental stability. Also, if any day 1st house of the horoscope becomes activate IE if you start craving traditional foods, then you can eat outside once a month but remember try to eat as healthy as possible .



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