Tips for a Healthy Heart

Today, 10 out of 100 people are suffering from heart ailments. Due to unhealthy eating habits and innumerable reasons people suffer from heart issues. Though every problem has a solution, "Precaution is better than cure ". Following are the reasons of an unhealthy heart according to medical astrology and precautions to achieve a medicine free life :

1. Smoking - For detailed information about reasons of smoking you can refer to my blog "Effects of Smoking in Medical Astrology". Let us discuss about how smoking leads to heart diseases. Sun and Leo sign rule the heart. If sun and Leo sign are severely afflicted in your chart, chances of heart issues increase. But it can be cured by changing your lifestyle and sticking to that lifestyle so that you can get rid of heart problems. By taking precaution (ruled by Saturn) in any way will help reduce the risks of heart ailments. Saturn ruling "precaution" will make your life disciplined and bring you on right track, you will be able to sense what is right and what is wrong for you. When life becomes disciplined that is when Saturn gets activated(in a positive way), one leads a healthy life. When a person smokes his 2nd house, Rahu, Ketu, Venus get activated. 2nd house of a horoscope is ruled by Venus itself and indicates eating habits as well. Since Sun has an enemical relation with Rahu, Ketu, Venus, combination of these will definitely lead to many heart related issues.

2. Cholesterol - There are two types of cholesterol. One Good cholesterol ruled by Jupiter (HDL) and bad cholesterol ruled by Saturn (LDL). Jupiter being friend of Sun and Saturn being enemy of Sun play their role accordingly. So, decrease of HDL and increase of LDL may lead to heart ailments. Intake of diary and animal products in your eating habits activate Virgo sign and Saturn in your chart which are bad for your heart. Virgo sign being the sign of prarbdha and also of diseases will surely lead to different heart issues. All these food items also activates 12th house of the horoscope which may lead to hospitalization, sleeping sickness, insomnia, loss of hard earned money. Instead of consuming so much of diary and animal products, you can increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables in your diet rich in fats, carbohydrates and proteins. Now, since fruits and vegetables are too ruled by Jupiter, Venus, Moon and Virgo sign. All these planets will now get activated in a positive way and will help your body heal (ruled by mercury and Virgo sign).

3. Diabetes - People with afflicted Jupiter, Venus and sometimes Saturn in a horoscope and also severely afflicted Virgo sign of disease suffer from diabetes. Mostly, people suffering from diabetes tend to fall for heart ailments as well. But nothing to worry about, treating diabetes or reversing it by changing your lifestyle may help reduce the risks of heart disease as well. Also, diabetes and obesity go hand in hand as both are ruled by Venus and Jupiter, increase the risks of heart issues. By treating afflicted Jupiter and Venus in your chart will help reduce the risks of diabetes and also heart. Treatment here doesn't means by medicines. Since Saturn, Virgo and Scorpio sign get activated by consuming medicines, and also medicines are a combination of chemicals ruling Neptune and Pisces sign, will only increase the risk of heart diseases even more. Virgo and Pisces both are the houses and signs indicating diseases and hospitalization.

4. Blood Pressure - High blood pressure is caused by afflicted Jupiter and Mars in a horoscope and Saturn rules low blood pressure. Both increase the risk of heart ailments in a body. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, if present either in large or very less quantity in the form of vitamins and minerals in a body leads to high BP. Also, Mars either very strong or severely afflicted gives blood related issues. Saturn ruling low BP is bad, that too more than high BP. By including fresh and raw vegetables in your diet and regular exercise will help maintain a balance. Mars ruling exercises will help maintain its effect in a positive way.

5. Exercise - As i already told you, by activating mars positively in your horoscope, your body will become more active reducing the risk of heart ailments. Indulging into bad eating habits, increase the risk of clogged arteries ruled by Saturn and Aquarius sign. Although, arteries are generally ruled by sun, but since both planets share an enemical relationship will increase the risks of heart disease. By doing deep breathing which activates 12th house, 8th house, Mercury and Jupiter will help in opening of clogged arteries. Mercury rules the tubing system of the body will help in the opening of clogged arteries.

6. Stress - Nowadays, due to hectic lifestyle and bad eating habits, people are facing anxieties, stress and depression. Due to so much stress and depression ruled by Uranus, Saturn, Moon and Capricorn sign increase the risk of heart issues as well. Moon and Saturn being enemies will not be able to help the person in any way. Capricorn sign being a Tamasic sign and 6th from the 5th house is also bad for health. Afflicted Capricorn sign will lead to stress and depression. By doing meditation, afflicted Saturn and mercury in a horoscope will become activated in a positive way, both Saturn and mercury being friends together will increase the concentration power and reduce the stress thereby reducing the risks of heart ailments.

7. Drinking -  For detailed information about reasons of smoking you can refer to my blog "Effects of Drinking in Medical Astrology". By indulging yourself in any type of bad drinks like alcohol, sodas, cold drinks, colas will activate Rahu, Moon and Venus . All these share enemical relation with Sun leading to heart ailments. Though moon is the friend of sun, will not work here as these drinks are a mixture of chemicals and preservatives ruled by Pisces will definitely lead to hospitalizations and diseases. Some people have a misunderstanding that consuming wine is not at all injurious to health. Consuming in small amounts also occasionally will not harm but since wine is ruled by Venus and both Venus and Sun are enemies will increase the risk of heart issues. Consuming fresh and raw vegetables and fresh juices will help increase your immunity, getting rid of heart as well other lifestyle diseases.


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