Diseases caused by Transiting Planet Part 2

A transiting planet in a horoscope can cause various health issues as explained in my earlier post ' Diseases caused by Transiting Planet Part 1 '. In this post i will discuss about the remaining planets :

Following are some health issues native can face when jupiter transits over a planet :

1. Jupiter transit over Moon - In this case, gain in weight is possible definitely since native will be under stress and sue to stress he.she will indulge into too much food. Depending upon too much food due to mood swings can cause liver related issues. For women problems related to uterus and breasts may also occur.

2. Jupiter transit over Mercury - You may need to soothe your nerves as you may feel restless and nervous due to this particular transit. You may like to sleep more often and may forget things too.

3. Jupiter transit over Venus - Native will definitely crave for sweets, sugary items etc which will result into weight gain. Skin related issues can also occur, so try to indulge fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables in your diet to help prevent such diseases.

4. Jupiter transit over Mars - Native may face muscle cramps due to this transit. Also, chances of anemia is also possible. Native may have to work hard due to circumstances and which may cause a lot of exertion.

5. Jupiter transit over Saturn - This period will be good to start a diet. You may crave less for sugar and junk food and will be able to achieve health and fitness. But you may also feel depressed at times. But continuous workout will help you remain out of negative thoughts.

Following are some health issues native can face when saturn transits over a planet :

1. Saturn transit over Moon - Native will definitely feel stress than usual. A lot of depression, anxieties will be there. Native may become fearful of little things and may demand sympathy wherever he/she goes. Due to stress, specially in females, irregular menstrual cycle can be a cause. Also, bone related problems are also seen.

2. Saturn transit over Mercury - Native may have to struggle or work hard due to which may face depression, anxiety. Nervousness may be another cause.

3. Saturn transit over Venus - Excessive indulgence towards sweets and sugar is seen. This will be due to not getting love and sympathy from the loved ones resulting into gain of weight.

4. Saturn transit over Mars - Native will become very aggressive due to this transit and any also become accident prone. Try to concentrate on whatever you do but don't overdo anything which may result into weight gain.

5. Saturn transit over Jupiter - Native will face problems related to liver. Weight loss is possible as well as you will not crave for sweets, sugars, chocolates and other processed foods. 


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