Health Issues and Transits on 6th and 12th House

If a particular planet transits over 6th or 12th house of a horoscope, native can suffer from various health issues. Here are the following results :

Planets Transiting over 6th house -

1. Venus - If venus in your chart is currently transiting over 6th house and you are planning for a surgery or an operation, then this time is a good to go for it. This venus will help in successful surgery / operation. Also, due to your excessive cravings you may gain weight. So, check before you eat.

2. Mars - Mars currently transiting over 6th house will help you get rid of obesity or in other words will initiate weight loss. You will be able to plan your diet, also your cravings will get reduced.

3. Saturn - Saturn transiting in 6th house will also help you loose weight. You will get conscious of what you are eating. If you wanted to start a diet for long, this will be a good time.

Planets Transiting  over 12th house -

1. Sun - Sun currently transiting in 12th house of your horoscope will help you maintain peace in your life. You may not like to be in crowds or crowdy places. This is the good time for meditation or yoga as well. But if in your horoscope there is any natal planet in 12th house following are the results transit of sun will give -

a.  Mars - Sun transiting over 12th house on natal mars can give problems related to muscle / ligaments / head.

b. Jupiter - Sun transiting over 12th house on natal jupiter will help gain extra weight. Time to check before you eat.

c. Saturn -  Sun transiting over 12th house on natal saturn will increase anxiety and stress. You may feel lonely. Also, this is the time for introspection.

2. Moon - Music will act as a healer for you at this period. Also, you will give time to yourself to heal further. You will be able to know yourself better. But if in your horoscope you have any natal planet in 12th house following are the results transit of moon will give -

a. Mercury - Nervousness will increase. You will become restless.

b. Venus - You will indulge yourself into pleasurable activities of any type like singing, dancing, painting etc.

c. Mars - A period of aggression. Use your emotions in positive way.

d. Saturn - You may feel depressed and will give time to yourself.

3. Mercury - You will give importance to your passion and hobbies. In other words, you will give time to yourself. You will become more creative. But if in your horoscope you have any natal planet in 12th house following are the results transit of mercury will give -

a. Sun - You may face insomia that is disturbed sleep. You may get interested in reading different novels or simple reading. 

b. Mercury - Excessive creative ideas will run in your mind. Nervousness will be the result with disturbed sleep.

c. Venus - You may want to be alone and do something pleasurable that is for yourself only.

d. Mars - Too much thinking with physical activities involved. Try not to make decision in a hurry.

e. Jupiter - Don't make yourself overburdened. It may result into insomnia. Make use of your ideas in calm manner to avoid health issues.

f. Saturn - Indulge into some activities because this transit may result into depression.

To be Continued ..


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