How to reduce risk of Brain Stroke

Winter increases the risk of brain stroke. Saturn rules winters and aries, mercury, sun rule brain related diseases. Since saturn, sun, mars share an enemical relationship, therefore people face brain stroke in winters more as compared to any other season. If suddenly, you face extreme headache and vomiting, risks of hemorrhage increases where headache is ruled by mercury, aries, mars, uranus and vomiting is ruled by moon, saturn, pluto and leo sign. Paralysis (ruled by saturn, capricorn, mercury and uranus) is the result of brain hemorrhage. When oxygen (ruled by moon, mercury and venus) supply to the brain stops, it results in brain stroke.

Symptoms of brain stroke :

1.  Bodily weakness (ruled by saturn, moon and neptune).

2. Not able to talk (ruled by mercury) properly.

3. Problems in eyes and eyesight that is eye disorders (ruled by sun, capricorn, mercury, venus).

4. Problem in walking, even normal walk (ruled by 1st house, 3rd house, mercury and gemini sign).

But to get a proper cure, one has to improve his/her diet and consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Males are more susceptible to brain stroke as compared to females. Also, if any one has a family history of diabetes (ruled by jupiter, venus, virgo and saturn) or BP (ruled by saturn and jupiter), should consult a doctor as soon as possible at the age of 40-45 years. As the age increases and if also native has diabetes/BP, he/she has more chances of facing brain stroke.

Following are the reasons which increases the risk of brain stroke especially in winters :

1. Less/Lack of Exercise -  Our routine ( ruled by saturn, capricorn and taurus) changes in winters, as we get up late and remain in bed for long and thus avoid exercise (ruled by mars). Due to less/lack of any type of exercise in winters, blood pressure increases thereby increasing the risk of brain stroke as well. Include any type of exercise in your routine for half an hour daily to reduce the risk of brain stroke.

2. Intake of more food - In winters, to remain warm and energetic one gets hungry (ruled by saturn and 6th house) very often. We crave for sugar (ruled by jupiter, venus, taurus), sweets, deserts, oily and fried items , which helps in increasing the weight. Increase in weight increases blood pressure as well. So, in spite of indulging yourself in junk, include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet to reduce the risk of brain stroke.

3. Obesity - As we have discussed, due to wrong eating habits and lack of exercises in winters, weight increases. Obesity is ruled by jupiter, venus and taurus. Simply eliminate processed and refined foods from your diet.

4. Alcohol and Smoking - People who are addicted (addiction is ruled by neptune) to smoking (ruled by taurus, mars, venus, rahu and ketu), smoke a lot in winters to remain warm. Also, people drink alcohol (ruled by neptune, pluto and uranus) also a lot in winters. Both are very harmful for body which increases the blood pressure and thus increases the risks of brain stroke in winters.

5. Less intake of Water - Water is ruled by moon, and cancer. Generally, everyone face this issue. We drink less water in winters. Water balances (as balance is ruled by libra) the body temperature. To maintain body temperature in winters, drinking water is essential as temperature is very low (where low temperature is ruled by saturn) outside as well. Due to less intake of water, blood starts thickening which increases the risk of brain stroke.


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