Pregnancy Problems and Cure in Medical astrology

Apart from some medical conditions, your habits control your life due to which a female face difficulties in conception. Habits in general is ruled by first house of the horoscope, saturn and moon. Bad habits activate the 12th house of the horoscope which represent expenses, hospitalizations. Moon, venus and 5th house ruling conception of the offspring will create difficulties (ruled by saturn and capricorn sign) for you in pregnancy.

In females, age of 18-30 years is considered very sensitive for health ( ruled by sun , 1st / 6 / 8 / 12th houses) and fertility (ruled by moon and venus). Any mistakes done in this particular age can make you suffer from various health issues which you can't even imagine. A women with afflicted 12th house, moon and venus in their horoscope are more prone towards adapting bad habits in this age. Woman can suffer from diabetes (ruled by jupiter, venus, saturn and virgo sign ), obesity (ruled by jupiter, venus and taurus sign), heart related problems (ruled by sun, leo, 5th house, jupiter and pisces sign), high blood pressure, infertility issues due to bad habits.

Though there are several other reasons of fertility problems in females some of which are blockage (ruled by saturn) in fallopian tube (ruled by moon and gemini), irregular menstrual cycle (which is ruled by moon and scorpio sign) where irregularities is ruled by moon and uranus, PCOS / PCOD, regular intake of medicines (saturn, virgo and scorpio sign), but apart from all these, major problem in conception is due to bad habits.

Following are some of the bad habits :

1. Sleeplessness - Sleep is generally ruled by 12th house, pisces sign, neptune, moon and pluto. But due to severe affliction to all these planets and houses and specially to neptune, one suffers from sleeplessness. Being awake till midnight have become a habit for current youth. Cancer ruling midnight indicates affliction to the cancer sign of the horoscope. Due to this habit, native gets up late in the morning and their whole day is wasted due to improper sleep. A body needs maximum of 7-8 hours of sleep everyday. And due to improper sleep females not only suffer from infertility issues but alos irregular periods, due to which body starts storing fats (which is ruled by jupiter) and hormonal disturbances. As hormones are ruled by moon, affliction to moon in a chart creates this problem.

2. Excess intake of junk food - Junk food is ruled by saturn, mars and scorpio. Addiction to junk/processed food items activates saturn, mars and scorpio sign in a negative way resulting in bad health. Also, excess intake of tea (ruled by venus and neptune) and coffee ( which is ruled by neptune, mars and pluto) too is also normal in today's era. Intake of tea, coffee is not bad but only in limited way that is once or twice in a week. Eating habits affects severly the fertility issues. To reduce the risk of fertility problems, incorporate fresh fruits and green vegetables in your diet (which is ruled by mercury, virgo, 6th house and moon). Fruits are ruled by jupiter and venus, green vegetables are ruled by moon , cancer and virgo sign.

3. Addiction to Alcohol - Uranus, neptune, mars represent alcoholism and alcoholic beverages. And neptune makes a person an alcoholic addict. Alcohol majorly impacts the fertility. Production of eggs stops gradually in female's body. Also, alcohol severely affects sex life ( ruled by 5th house, mars and venus), kidney (venus, libra sign) and liver (jupiter, mars) as well. So, to reduce the risks of these diseases, reduce the consumption of alcohol.

Following are some steps to incorporate in your lifestyle to reduce infertility risks :

1. Reduction of stress - Due to hectic lifestyle and eating habits females face a lot of stress. Uranus ruling stress activates in a bad way making body weak. Stop smoking as soon as possible. Smoking is ruled by taurus, mars, venus, rahu and ketu. Smoking directly affects fertility.

2. Exercise - There are different types of exercises. Yoga, meditation, aerobics, zumba, walking etc. Do whatever you life for at least 30 minutes daily. Yoga and meditation is ruled by saturn, jupiter, sagittarius and pisces sign. Mercury, 3rd house and gemini ruling walking will help improve health.

3. Clean environment - Although with afflicted moon, cancer and 4th house in the horoscope person faces a lot of issues due to his/her environment. But cleanliness is very important. With increasing pollution (which is ruled by saturn, pluto and neptune), risk of infertility is also increasing.


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