Problems related to Back - Spine and their Cure

If you are one of them who sit for long hours at work, then it is very important for you to make your back strong. Sitting for long hours activates planet saturn in a negative way which can prove to be very bad for your health. Also, sun, leo and 5th house of the horoscope depicts back of the body generally. So, sitting for long hours afflicts sun, leo sign and 5th house of the horoscope, as also sun and saturn share an enemical relationship will give native all possible issues related to back or spine. If you are facing problems in the upper half of the back then sun, leo and 5th are afflicted. Similarly, libra, venus and 7th house of the horoscope represents lower half of the back give problems accordingly.

Following are some points to be taken care of :

1. Exercises related to back - If you are sitting for long hours, your muscles (ruled by mars and 8th house), bones (ruled by saturn, capricorn and 10th house) , ligaments (ruled by saturn and mars) and tissues (ruled by neptune, pisces) start becoming weak gradually, where bodily weakness is represented by saturn, moon and neptune.  Injuries (ruled by mars. saturn and 8th house) and pain (ruled by mars, saturn and 12th house of the horoscope) is directly proportional to weak back bones. Doing exercises related to back daily for half an hour will help reduce the risk of injuries and pain related to back. Exercises will help make the spinal cord (ruled by sun, leo, venus and neptune) strong thereby reducing the problems related to back.

2. Right Posture - One of the main reason of back ache is wrong posture. One has to look the way they are sitting daily which helps spinal cord being strong. Also, afflicted sun, venus, leo and neptune in chart will give problems related to spinal cord thereby increasing the risk of back problems. Try to sit (where sitting is ruled by saturn ) straight, don't bend while sitting. Sitting in a wrong way will make muscles and ligaments weak and also afflict saturn in the horoscope. Sitting the right way is one of the best tricks to avoid problems related to back.

3. Water - Water is ruled by moon, cancer, pisces. Drink water as much as possible. As much as your body is hydrated, it helps joints (ruled by saturn, capricorn and 10th house) and spine being hydrated as well reducing the risks related to back and spine.

4. Break - If you are travelling in aeroplane, bus or car, try to stop after an hour, get up from the seat and walk for few minutes which will help reduce the problems related to back and spine, where walking is ruled by mercury, gemini and 3rd house and mercury being friend of sun (as sun rules the back of the body) will definitely help reduce back problems.

5. Wear Seat Belt - Always wear seat belt while travelling. Jerks and shocks (ruled by uranus) while travelling is another reason of increasing the risks of back and spine related issues.


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