Use of Vitamin D to control various diseases.

Nowadays, mostly females are suffering from diabetes and obesity. These lifestyle diseases have become main problem for them. Those who are suffering from diseases their 6th house, virgo and saturn get activated in a bad way. Since diabetes is ruled by jupiter, venus, virgo, saturn and obesity is ruled by jupiter, venus and taurus sign which means that females that include too much of sweets (ruled by jupiter and venus) and processed / packaged (ruled by saturn, moon, rahu) food in their diet are more prone to such diseases. But, diabetes and obesity both can be controlled by right use of vitamin D. Females with Type 2 diabetes and on the first stage of obesity can sit in sunshine (ruled by sun ) to get rid of such lifestyle diseases. Sun rules the overall general health of native. Also, sun rules the body which can help heal (ruled by mercury) it fast.

Female natives in the age of 20-60 years are known to be suffering from both obesity and diabetes. But with regular consumption of vitamin D rich foods and sunshine, glucose (ruled by venus in the body) and blood sugar levels can be controlled. Also, not only their weight will come under control but also their body fats will also get reduced. Weight is ruled by saturn and fats in the body are ruled by jupiter. Both jupiter and saturn will activate in a positive way. Saturn makes the life disciplined and bring you back on track thereby helping you reduce various diseases in the body. Not only females but almost everyone is facing problems related to vitamin D nowadays. One can include spinach, kale, okra, white beans, orange juice, soy milk in the diet to reduce the deficiency of vitamin D in the body.

In India, main reason for vitamin D deficient body is fat accumulated near the stomach. Stomach disorders are ruled by moon and cancer.  Mostly dairy products are consumed by them which are ruled by moon. Also, fat is ruled by jupiter.

Females natives with strong jupiter in their horoscope tend to get attracted towards sweets, dairy products leading to lifestyle diseases. Also, they are homemakers(ruled by moon and cancer), and their bodies are usually covered with clothes overall. These are other reasons that females are not able to get sunshine directly to their body. Since both sunshine and body are ruled by sun, female natives with afflicted sun in their horoscope should remain in sun for at least 20 minutes everyday to improve overall general health of the body.

Vitamin D also makes your bones strong. Bones are ruled by saturn, capricorn and 10th house. To reduce the risks of bone disorders (ruled by capricorn and saturn), one should remain in sun for at least 20 minutes daily . If this is not possible, then you can include vitamin D rich foods as explained above in your diet. Due to lack of vitamin D in the body children can suffer from rickets (ruled by saturn) and adults can suffer from osteoporosis (ruled by saturn).


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