Corona Virus - Prevention and Cure

Its 2020 ! And not only children but adults too are scared of deadly Corona virus (ruled by Pluto). According to some experts people with strong immunity (ruled by Uranus) can face this virus very easily.  Also, it should be known that a strong immune system cannot be achieved only in 1 or 2 days or 1 or 2 weeks, also it is the truth that Corono virus is not only virus left in this world. We may face more deadly viruses in future. So, its important to increase your immunity from now on.

People with diabetes (ruled by Jupiter, Venus, Virgo and Saturn), kidney (where kidney diseases are ruled by 7th house, Venus, Libra and Scorpio) / heart patients (where heart ailments are ruled by Sun, Leo, 5th house, Jupiter, Pisces) or cancer ( where cancer troubles are ruled by Cancer sign, Moon, Pluto and Saturn ) affected people have low immunity. That is why such people should take care of themselves. As diabetes is the most common ailment and people are very reckless in this case.

Old aged people (ruled by Saturn) who are above 60 years (after the age of 60 their immune system starts getting weaker) and children (whose immune system is not properly developed) are more susceptible to face health issues or different viruses. Parents should take care of their children in such case.

Following are some foods which will increase your immunity :

1. Garlic - Garlic is ruled by Mars and Aries. Garlic helps in providing of a lot of anti-oxidants which helps make your immune system strong and also helps body to fight different diseases (ruled by Virgo, 6th house, Pluto, Saturn). 

2. Spinach - Saturn, Venus and Taurus rule spinach. Folet present in spinach helps in making cells (where cell nutrition and developments is ruled by Jupiter) in the body and also helps in repairing of DNA in cells. Fiber, Iron, Vitamin C (ruled by Saturn) helps make body healthy overall.

3. Mushroom - Mushrooms are ruled by Moon, Cancer, Saturn, Pluto and Neptune. Mushrooms helps in the activation of WBCs.

Changes are to be done in your lifestyle :

1. Try to do brisk walk for at least 45 min to 1 hour daily or any type of aerobics you like. Walking is ruled by Mercury, 3rd house and Gemini. These planets will start giving positive impact on the body by eliminating toxins (ruled by Saturn, Scorpio, Neptune and Pluto) present in the body.

2. Try to gargle ( ruled by Taurus and Neptune) daily with lukewarm water daily. By doing this, bacteria or viruses entering into the body through mouth and nose all day will get eliminated.

3. Avoid Outdoor games.

4. Try to include Yoga and Meditation (ruled by Saturn, 12th house, 9th house) in your daily daily routine.

5. Keep a check on your weight (ruled by Saturn). Obesity (ruled by Jupiter, Venus and Taurus) will make your health weak and immunity low. .

6. Excessive Smoking ( ruled by 2nd house, Taurus, Mars, Venus, Rahu, Ketu) and alcohol ( Neptune, Pluto, Uranus) is also a reason of bad health and low immunity. So try to avoid smoking alcohol and smoking.

So by including fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet and avoiding processed / packaged / junk food will help you lead a better life.


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