Enemies of Cancer Disease

Before reading this article you should go through my previous articles on Cancer disease that are " Cancer disease in Medical Astrology " and " Friends of Cancer disease ".  In these articles you will know more about cancer disease and through what means native faces such ailments in their life. However, in this article I will talk about few important things which you should keep in mind which will help you get rid of such lifestyle diseases.

1. Right Eating Habits - Saturn, Moon and 1st house of the horoscope rule habits. And bad habits are ruled by 12th house of the horoscope. When you follow bad habits 12th house of the horoscope gets activated and 12th house signifies bad health, insomnia, hospitalizations etc. Also following bad habits and lifestyle will afflict Saturn, Moon and 1st house of the horoscope which simply means major negative impact on the health of native. Whenever you eat simple and natural foods you remain active ( ruled by Mars and Mercury) and fit. Food items which are processed / packaged or fast foods (ruled by Rahu, Mars, Saturn etc) are mixed with adulterants (ruled by Pluto) which seem to be fresh but are stale (where staleness is ruled by Saturn ). Such food items are made fresh by mixing different types of chemicals (ruled by Neptune and Pisces ) in them. Don't eat such foods. Also avoid fruits and vegetables which are not seasonal. Avoid red and processed meat (ruled by Scorpio). Be wise and choose healthy fats (ruled by Jupiter) like butter (ruled by Virgo) and choose olive oil (ruled by Sun, Leo, Jupiter) instead of saturated fats. Also drink plenty of water (ruled by Moon, Cancer, Neptune, Pisces) which helps in flushing of toxins ( ruled by Pluto, Scorpio, Neptune and Saturn) from the body.

2. Healthy Lifestyle - We should try to inculcate same and good lifestyle as we were living in our childhood (ruled by Sun, Leo and 5th house). We should not change our habits or lifestyle by getting affected by others life.If you had a routine (ruled by Saturn) of getting up early and going to a park, we should not change it by getting up late or sleeping late.

3. Peace - Venus, Jupiter, Pisces and 7th house of the horoscope rule peace. Mostly people are mentally depressed nowadays. It is very common. People like to live in stress (ruled by Uranus). Social media, facebook, whatsapp affects our inner peace and mind ( ruled by Mercury ). Even when in functions or with family / friends etc people are with their phone and internet. People have become slaves (ruled by Saturn, Neptune and 12th house of the horoscope) of internet. When we don't talk (ruled by Mercury) or share our feelings / emotions ( ruled by Moon, Venus, Mars and Neptune) our body start creating free oxidative radicals which become poison (ruled by Saturn) for our genes making us susceptible of cancer like lifestyle diseases.   


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