Friends of Cancer Disease

As i have explained in my previous post " Cancer Disease in Medical Astrology " about what cancer is and types of cancer. In this post i will discuss about the friends of cancer that is things or habits that lead to cancer. Following are the friends of Cancer :

1. Tobacco - As you know from my previous post " Cancer Disease in Medical Astrology " that cancer is ruled by Moon, Pluto, Saturn and Cancer sign. Tobacco is ruled by Mars, Pluto and Neptune. Use of tobacco leads to mouth cancer, neck cancer and then lung cancer. Tobacco of any kind either cigarette, hukka, pan masala etc lead to cancer.

2. Alcohol - Mars, Neptune, Gemini, Pluto and Uranus rule alcohol. Excessive use of alcohol in daily life can lead to cancer of mouth, neck (ruled by Taurus, Venus and 2nd house), liver (ruled by Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Sagittarius) and breast cancer.  Affliction to the above mentioned planets and houses lead cancer of the specific part. Use of alcohol plus tobacco increases the risk of cancer by two times.

3. Obesity - Jupiter, Venus and Taurus rule obesity. Increase in weight (ruled by Saturn) is directly proportional to increase of fat (ruled by Jupiter) in the body. Balance between Saturn and Jupiter is very important for the body. Enzymes (ruled by Pluto and Moon) present in this fat converts male hormone (where hormone is ruled by Moon) to estrogen (female hormone), where estrogen is ruled by Mars and Venus. Increase of female hormones leads to blood cancer, prostate, breast cancer and uterus cancer. So, avoid high calorie, junk food (ruled by Mars, Rahu) and non vegetarian foods (ruled by Rahu).

4. Infection - Mars and Pluto ruled infections. Hepatitis B/C etc can become reason for cancer. These infections spread through unsafe habits of physical relationships.

5. Not being Physically active - Physical activity is ruled by Mars and Neptune. Being physically inactive or not doing any type of exercise in your routine increases the risk of cancer in the body. Try to do 30 minute exercise of your choice daily. You can include brisk walking (ruled by Mercury, Gemini and 3rd house), jogging, cycling, swimming(ruled by Pisces, Moon and Cancer) etc.

6. Plastic - Moon, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto rule plastic. Every type of plastic after heating release many types of chemicals (ruled by Pisces and Neptune) which are dangerous for the body. Heating plastic containers again and again lead to breaking of the containers which start getting mixed in the food thereby increasing the risks of cancer.

7. Pollution - Pollution is ruled by Saturn, Pluto and Neptune. Increase of pollution in cities increases the risk of various health issues to an individual. Dangerous gases present in the air in the excessive amount like nitrogen oxide, sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide, ozone, lead etc lead to various types of cancer.  


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