How Nails can affect your Health !

According to some experts, nails (ruled by Mars) has a major impact on our health (ruled by 1st house, Sun, 6th, 8th and 12th houses). If you want how your nails are impacting your health, pay attention to the following :

1. White Nails - Calcium (ruled by Saturn) deficiency (also ruled by Saturn) in body causes white nails. If you are not taking proper and right diet ( ruled by Mercury, Virgo, Moon and 6th house) which is also the main reason of white nails. You can include milk ( ruled by Moon, Cancer, Venus, 4th and 6th house), buttermilk and other dairy products (ruled by Moon, Virgo) in your diet.

2. Yellow Nails - Yellow (ruled by Jupiter) nails are a clear indication of lack of hemoglobin (ruled by Mars) in your body. Also, due to lack of hemoglobin, shape of nails starts changing gradually and also they start ripping off. 

3. Lack of Water Level - Torn foot (ruled by 12th house, Jupiter, Pisces and Saturn) is an indication of lack of water ( ruled by Moon, Cancer, Neptune and Pisces) level in the body. Mostly females have torn foot. To avoid such problem drink lots of water daily. Also, you can include different fresh fruit and vegetables juices (ruled by Moon) in your diet. Also torn foot can also cause many infections (ruled by Mars and Pluto) as well.

4. Feet become Cold - Females mostly say that their feet become cold (ruled by Saturn, Capricorn) often,not only in winters (ruled by Saturn) but also in summers (ruled by Mars). This problem is caused by thyroid (ruled by Mercury, Taurus, Sun and Scorpio). If you are above 40, then it is an indication that you have thyroid.

Foot Bath :

Take warm water. Now wrap your legs in a towel and drown them in the tub. This will result in sweating ( ruled by Moon and Scorpio) and body temperature (ruled by Mars, Saturn) will increase. It is very important for good health of your feet. Now take another tub with warm water and as water become little cold in the first tub, put your feet into another tub without towel for about 15-20 minutes. After this put your feet for 2-3 minutes in cold water. And avoid going outside for at least an hour after this process. Foot bath will help increase blood circulation (ruled by Sun and Aquarius) in lungs (ruled by Gemini, Mercury and 3rd house), heart (ruled by,  Sun, Saturn, Leo) and brain (ruled by 1st house, Sun, 3rd and 5th house).


1. Do proper exercise (ruled by Mars) to keep your feet healthy.

2. Drink as much as water (ruled by Moon, Cancer, Neptune and Pisces) and fruit juices (ruled by Moon, Jupiter, Venus).

3. You can take calcium (ruled by Saturn ) supplements as well if needed.


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