How to become a Fitness Idol for others

If you want to be fit, keep in mind some important points while exercising (ruled by Mars) in the gym (also ruled by Mars). You can become fitness idol (ruled by Saturn) of others only when you are fit. 

1. Warm Up - Doing warm up (ruled by Sun, Leo and Mars) is very important before starting any type of exercise in the gym. Warm up will reduce the chances of cramps (ruled by Uranus, Aquarius and Saturn) or muscle tear (ruled by Venus, Mars and 8th house) which can happen while exercising.

2. Focus on Form - While doing weight training (ruled by Saturn and Mercury) focus on your form (ruled by Saturn). Right Form or posture is very important to achieve good results and to get rid of injuries (ruled by Mars, Saturn and 8th house) while exercising. 

3. Do not Show off - Do not show off (ruled by Moon and Neptune) in the gym. Everyone has their limitation (ruled by Saturn, 12th house, Pisces and Capricorn). If you are not able to pick up weights higher than your limits then don't practice it. Doing such things can make you injury prone.

4. Breathing is Important - If you do not pay attention to breathing (ruled by Mercury, Gemini and Jupiter) while exercising, which can lead to oxygen deficiency (ruled by Neptune) in the body. People become unconscious (ruled by 12th house, Neptune and Pluto) because of this. So take care to keep a check on your breathing while doing exercise.

5. Do not Pressurize  Yourself - Sometimes we forget that every body has its limitations (ruled by Saturn, 12th house, Pisces and Capricorn ) and we keep on exercising on trainer's (ruled by Mercury, Jupiter and 9th house) command (ruled by Mars, Sun, Uranus). But do exercise according to your limits as body cant handle extra pressure. 

6. Cool Down - As it is important to warm up before exercising. Similarly, it is important to do stretching (ruled by Jupiter and Neptune) or cool down after exercising. It helps  keeps heart rate and temperature (ruled by Mars and Saturn) normal.

7. Eat Right Diet - If you want to be in shape, you have to take care of your diet (ruled by Mercury, Virgo, Moon and 6th house) apart from exercising in the gym. Include home made and nutritious (ruled by Moon, Cancer, 6th house, Virgo, Venus and Jupiter) meals only in your diet.


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