Liver Diseases - Symptoms

Liver is ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius, Saturn, Mars and 9th house of the horoscope. If these planets and house is severely affected in native's chart, he/she may face liver troubles. Liver acts as a sieve (ruled by Neptune) for our body. It is called sieve because it retains the important nutrients ( ruled by Moon, Cancer, Virgo, Venus, Jupiter and 6th house) in our body and removes the unwanted and harmful substances from the body. It purifies blood (ruled by Moon)  and process of formation of urine ( ruled by Scorpio, Pluto and Moon) starts here too. So one can identify trouble in liver if he/she faces any problem in urine.

Following are the symptoms of liver troubles :

Evident reasons-

1. Less water (ruled by Moon, Cancer, Neptune, Pisces) intake. It is necessary to drink 10-12 glasses of water daily.

2. More water intake (more than 14 glasses a day).

3. Use of painkillers (ruled by Jupiter) or drugs (ruled by Uranus, Pisces, 12th house).

4. Alcohol which is ruled by Pluto, Uranus, Mars, Gemini (excessive intake of alcohol) or smoking (ruled by 2nd house, Taurus, Mars, Venus, Rahu, Ketu).

5. Excessive intake of cold drinks (ruled by Moon, Venus) or soda.

6. Excessive intake of salt (ruled by Saturn, Aquarius).

7. Intake of protein (ruled by Mars, Sun, Cancer) supplements. 

Indirect Reasons-

1. High blood pressure ( ruled by Mars, Jupiter ) since long time.

2. Being Diabetic where diabetes is ruled by Jupiter, Venus, Virgo, Saturn.

3. Not passing urine ( ruled by Scorpio, Pluto and Moon) properly time to time.

4. Not taking sufficient sleep ( ruled by 12th house, Neptune, Pisces, Moon, Pluto).

5. Obesity (ruled by Jupiter, Venus, Taurus).

To be Continued..


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