My Journey from Fat to Fit

Hi everyone! Today I m going to share with you all my weight-loss journey from Fat to Fit. I was into Astrology since many years and also working at the same time. 3 years ago I was overweight and due to my work schedule and stressed environment (Uranus rules the stress in life) I had an unhealthy lifestyle, Jupiter ruling the fats in the body was dominating, making my body more and more fat day by day. People called me fat and by other names which not only disappointed me but due to all this I went into depression as I was very sensitive too. Since Saturn, Moon and Capricorn sign rule depression, my body was totally under control of the negative impacts of these planets. 3 years ago my weight was 72 kg. Due to all this I also faced a lot of health issues and my immunity became weak, as I said earlier Uranus rules stress and immunity as well. My face was full of pimples (ruled by Mars and Sun ), scars with no luster as I have oily skin, luster is ruled by Sun and as I was leading an unhealthy lifestyle planet's negative impact can be clearly seen on my skin. But I didn't give up and decided to switch to a healthy lifestyle. I adapted it slowly and gradually. Yes, it requires a lot of patience (ruled by Saturn). Also I would like to confess here that during this period I got depressed again and again and lost track. So, to get rid of this problem I started Meditation and Yoga. Meditation and Yoga are ruled by Saturn, 12th house and 9th house. Why I chose meditation and yoga is because I decided to convert the negative impact (was giving depression) of these Planets in my life into positive ones. I joined a renowned institute near my house and would go there in weekends. Slowly, I experienced a miracle. Meditation and yoga helped me achieve my aim in a right manner. Saturn is a Planet who wants us to be disciplined in life.

After few months I learned simple techniques of Meditation and Yoga Asanas. I left the institute and continued it at my home. In these few months gradually my mind got stable due to which I adapted a healthy lifestyle. As meditation and yoga is ruled by Saturn and Mercury rules the mind. Both being friends of each other will help make the native stronger mentally and physically too. Also I would like to inform you all that I m a big foodie and fan of pizza who used to order cheese burst pizza again and again with extra cheese (you can imagine the madness). Here also cheese is ruled by Saturn, Moon and Virgo. All these Planets were acting in a negative way for me because of my unhealthy eating habits and which were not suiting my body type. It was very tough for me to stop eating my favourite food. Also I have a sweet tooth too, as sweets are ruled by Jupiter, also it rules the fats in the body thereby making my body unhealthy. I ate all types of cakes, pastries, indian sweets every alternate day. But within 6 months of yoga and meditation I started living a disciplined life and improved my eating habits.

Earlier I used to drink tea with 4 or 5 biscuits or rusk or matthi daily in the morning. Tea and sugar are ruled by Venus. Venus is the Planet which gives intoxication. I was addicted (Neptune makes a person addict) to tea that too with high sugar in it. Whatever I ate I felt bloated (bloating is ruled by Moon and Neptune) and extra full all the time. With no exercises or walk my life was like a sac of potatoes. I tried aerobics and also joined gym but was not able to go as I felt very lazy (laziness is ruled by Saturn that is here Saturn's negative impact can be felt) at that time. But my new life started only because I included meditation and yoga in my routine. So you all can connect now that how some Planets were severely afflicting my body.

My weight-loss journey didn't include any type of weight loss pills, hard exercises, gyming, energy drinks or protein shakes which are widely available in the market today.  Firstly, I just needed a booster or motivation which I gained in between the weight-loss journey when I started loosing weight. So now let me tell you my journey from fat to fit. Also I took help of Medical Astrology and created a customized diet plan according to my horoscope. Planets placed in my Horoscope guided me in a proper way about how much to eat, how many days to follow, how many days to cheat, types of fruits, vegetables, pulses, dairy products to be included in my diet plan. Every person has individualized Horoscope and body type which helps in determining correct way of eating and what / how much to eat. 

As I m working I didn't have much time to exercise or go to gym. So as I said before I adopted yoga and meditation. Also I started walking for maximum half an hour daily without fail. Walking is ruled by Mercury, Gemini and 3rd house. By introducing walk daily in my routine I not only made Mercury, 3rd house and Gemini sign in my horoscope balanced but also reduced the negative impact of Mercury in my life which was affecting my mind and concentration before. I would like to tell you that my weight-loss journey was working on 9:1 ratio that 90% diet and 10% exercise. Diet is ruled by Mercury, Virgo sign, Moon and 6th house. So by introducing a good diet according to my Horoscope all these Astrology variables started to get balanced gradually.  Also, each person has a different body type and would require different techniques to loose weight. So, first and foremost I cut down wheat from my diet, as some Planets in my Horoscope were not supporting wheat to be good for my body type. Although earlier I was consuming wheat but there was no such change in my body or pimples with negligible weight loss. Wheat is ruled by Venus, Jupiter, Taurus, Mercury, Virgo. Earlier along with wheat I was consuming junk food, sweets that too are ruled by similar Planets making my face full of pimples and body unfit. I thought to cut down wheat from my diet for 1 month and to my surprise I started loosing weight at a fast pace. Also as I felt lethargic or bloated every time, this problem too started to fade off gradually but not fully. Next I cut down all sort of processed and packaged food items. Though I was not able to cut sugar I reduced the amount of sugar from my diet. Till today I m taking sugar in very small amounts, only in tea and coffee. Today everybody is talking about high fat, moderate protein and low carb diet. But my diet didn't include high fat.

I started my day with a glass of warm lemon water. Lemons are ruled by Sun, Saturn and Leo which were very favourable for me according to my Birth Chart. I included nuts like almonds, walnuts, cranberries according to my body type, these specific nuts were also included according to my horoscope. I also included peanuts but it didn't suit me and was not favourable according to my Planetary positions and left me bloated so I cut down peanuts as well from my diet. Also, I took moderate protein like cottage cheese. I ate food made up of besan and oats. Apart from all these i included fresh seasonal fruits (specific Fruits according to my Horoscope) only in the morning to reduce sugar cravings and raw green leafy vegetables (also specific Vegetables according to my Horoscope). Yes, I understand it would be a shock to some people when they will hear about eating raw veggies but as I told it worked and suited my body type. If you are not able to consume raw vegetables, then you can juice them or steam them. Apart from all these I was eating everything which my mom cooked like dalia, sewia (vermicelli), bowl full of cooked veggies and rice. And today my weight is 52 kg. Gradually and with patience I lost more than 20 kgs. Also, I have been a cheater in my diet too. Once or twice a week I would enjoy my favorite foods like pizza (but with wheat thin crust), idli sambhar, dosa etc but I reduced the consumption of indian sweets. I just learnt better when I applied it on my body and thus achieved my aim too. Whatever I included in my personalized Diet Plan was all according to the Planets placed in my Birth Chart. It benefited me, you can see the amazing results!

So, I will conclude by saying that it requires a lot of patience and hard work in the journey from Fat to Fit. Now I m Fit, more active with better Immunity and better knowledge. All you need is a booster or motivation. Also try to include any type of exercise you like. Try meditation or yoga, you will love it!

Also avoid taking any type of medicines (ruled by Saturn, Virgo, Scorpio and Neptune), protein shakes or any costly treatments which are available everywhere. Weight-loss can be achieved only if you know your body type and what suits you. In addition to all this your Horoscope plays a major role in determining a proper Diet, which can also help you stay away from Diseases which you are susceptible to face according to your Horoscope. By following my Customized Diet Plan based on Horoscope you will be able to get rid of many lifestyle diseases like Obesity, Diabetes, Blood Pressure, PCOD etc. I hope you enjoyed my journey from fat to fit. Eat Healthy, Be Fit !!


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