Symptoms of Cancer Disease

Since it is a challenge to diagnose cancer (ruled by Moon, Pluto and Saturn ), thats why cancer is considered as a dangerous disease. Where diagnosis is ruled by Jupiter and Venus. Afflicted Moon, Pluto, Saturn and also Jupiter, Venus (which rule diagnosis) in a horoscope makes it difficult to detect cancer in an easy way. In starting symptoms of cancer disease are like common health issues like fatigue, fever/flu ( ruled by Sun, Leo, Mars, Aries, Sagittarius) , acidity (ruled by Mars), cough (ruled by Cancer sign),  bleeding (ruled by Moon, Mars, Scorpio) etc. Do everybody need to get a check up if they are ending up with these symptoms ?? Following are some tips :

1. If common symptoms are coming out in uncommon ways then you should get a check up.

2. Fever, acidity etc are very common problems. But if these are not coming under control even after medications (ruled by Saturn, Neptune, Virgo and Scorpio) then you should consult a doctor. Although it is again not necessary that you have cancer if these common problems are occurring again and again. But definitely is a doubt (which is ruled by Saturn). If a person is facing acidity again and again and becomes alright at the same time without medicines then there is no need to worry but consult a doctor once. But if medicines are not working for such a person facing acidity then it is a doubt.

3. Females bleed during their menstrual cycle (ruled by Moon and Scorpio) which is common. But if a female starts bleeding for more than 8 to 10 days than 4 to 5 days, then it becomes a doubt and hence should consult a doctor once.

4. If a person shutters (ruled by Mars and Saturn) a lot and is addicted to tobacco and cigarette (both ruled by Mars, Neptune and Pluto), native may face oral cancer.

5. Blood (ruled by Moon) in urine (ruled by Scorpio, Pluto and Moon) can be a symptom of prostate cancer (ruled by Pluto and Scorpio). Many times stone in kidney ( ruled by Mars, Saturn and Scorpio) can also be a reason of blood in urine.

6. Increase in weight (ruled by Saturn) loss is a very big symptom of cancer. If any person looses 10 kg in 3 months, then you should consult a doctor. Also, there are many cases in diabetes and TB where person looses weight at a fast mode.

7. Spleen ( ruled by Saturn, Capricorn, Virgo, Sun and Scorpio) and Lymph (ruled by Moon, Pisces, Venus and Aquarius) node are important parts of the immune system which helps to fight different types of bacteria (ruled by Pluto) and viruses (ruled by Pluto) which enter the body.

8. If you sweat (ruled by Scorpio and Moon) in winters (ruled by Saturn) then you should take help of your doctor. Also, heart patients also face this.


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