What NOT to do after or before eating to remain FIT !

People are habitual (Saturn, Moon and 1st house) to do some activities (ruled by Mars and Neptune) immediate before or after eating which can prove to be disastrous for their life. Many people are not aware of this so I m going to tell you through this post about what not to do before and after eating.

1. Tea/Coffee- Avoid drinking tea (ruled by Venus and Neptune) immediately after eating as it interferes with the digestion process (ruled by Moon, Cancer, 4th house, Jupiter and Virgo) of the body. One should avoid drinking tea or coffee (ruled by Neptune, Mars and Pluto) 1 hour before or after eating. Due to this habit of yours you may face anemia (ruled by Mars), headaches (ruled by Mercury, Aries, Mars and Uranus), anorexia like health issues.

2. Fruits - Fruits (ruled by Jupiter, Venus) gives best results when eaten empty stomach. Avoid eating fruits after heavy meals like breakfast, lunch or dinner. By doing this your body will not be able to digest them properly. Even after eating fruits your body will lack important nutrients (ruled by Moon, Cancer, 6th house, Virgo, Venus, Jupiter).

3. Cold Water - Water (ruled by Cancer and Moon) plays an important role in the digestion process but drinking cold water immediately before or after eating can prove to be disastrous for your health. By drinking cold water immediately before or after eating, food collects itself in groups in the stomach resulting in slow digestion process making it difficult to digest properly. You should drink warm or lukewarm water at least 45 minutes before or after meal.

4. Sleep - Avoid sleeping immediately after eating, where sleep is ruled by 12th house, Neptune, Pisces, Moon and Pluto. It is very common at night specially. Working all day long person feels tired and it becomes very difficult to control (ruled by 7th house, Mars, Mercury, Uranus) sleep after having delicious dinner (ruled by Mercury, Virgo, Moon, Cancer). But avoid going to bed at night immediately after having dinner. If you do, you may face health issues like heart burn, snoring, sleeping sickness etc. Try to walk (ruled by Mercury, Gemini, 3rd house and 1st house) for 10-15 minutes after eating and then go to sleep.

5. Bathing - Avoid bathing (ruled by Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and 5th house) immediately after having meal. It is said that taking a bath after eating reduces the body temperature (ruled by Mars and Saturn) which affects blood circulation (ruled by Sun and Aquarius) as well. This blood who should then help in the digestion process of the body, it comes near the skin to help remain its temperature.

6. Alcohol - Avoid drinking alcohol (ruled by Neptune, Gemini, Mars) immediately before or after eating heavy meals of the day. It not only severely affects the digestion process but also your intestines (ruled by Virgo, Mercury and 6th house).  


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