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Five Habits that increases the risk of Heart Attack in Winters (Part 1)

Following are five habits (ruled by 1st house, Saturn and Moon ) that increases the risk of Heart attack (ruled by Sun, Leo, 5th house, Jupiter, Pisces ) in winters (ruled by Saturn ) : 1. Not Protecting yourself from Cold (ruled by Saturn, Capricorn ) - Travelling (ruled by Mercury, 3rd house, Gemini, Moon, 9th house, Jupiter, Sagittarius ) too much in winters contract (ruled by Saturn, Capricorn ) the arteries (ruled by Jupiter, Sun, Sagittarius ) of the heart. So that's why heart needs to supply more blood (ruled by Moon ) or we can say heart has to create more pressure to make our body (ruled by Sun, 1st house ) warm. If a person is already a heart patient then he/she may suffer from angina (ruled by 5th house, Leo, Sun, Saturn ) or chest (ruled by Cancer, 4th house ) pain which increases the risk (ruled by 5th house, Uranus ) of heart attack. What not to do - a. Heart patients should remain in their house whenever there is too much cold  (ruled by Saturn, Capricorn

Reasons of Heart Troubles in Females !

It is a myth that females do not face heart troubles (ruled by Sun, Leo, 5th house, Jupiter, Pisces ) and if they face it, it is in very small numbers. But this is because of half knowledge. Symptoms of heart failures of problems in females is different as compared to males. This is because of different biological system (ruled by Moon ) in males and females. This is the reason why same health (ruled by Sun, 1st house, 6th/8th/12th house ) issue shows different symptoms in both of them. This is the problem which is generally seen in heart related issues. It takes a very long time to understand and diagnose symptoms of such diseases (ruled by Virgo, 6th house, Pluto, Saturn ). 1. Other health issues become base of heart issues - As we know same health problems show different symptoms in male and female. Also these symptoms are diagnosed (ruled by Venus, Jupiter ) very early as well. But non awareness can lead to disastrous results. Because specially females who tend to face heart

Changing Habits for a better Lifestyle

Do you wait for the bristles of your toothbrush ( ruled by Sagittarius ) to be bad before changing it ? Have you not changed your comb from years ? I m asking you these questions because if you don't change your daily used items on time, they can become a reason for your bad health and can cause various infections (ruled by Mars, Pluto ). 1. Change your hairbrush or comb after every 6 months - Although, people change their toothbrush from time to time but forget to change their comb even for years. Everyone have their personal and favourite comb which they keep on using. If you are also using the same comb for long you must have seen how dirt (ruled by  Saturn, Capricorn ) and hair gather itself at the base of the comb. But only cleaning (ruled by Moon ) it is not enough. According to experts, apart from cleaning the comb changing it after every 6 months is very important. This can prevent hair (ruled by  Saturn, Capricorn ) fall as well. 2. Sponge used for cleaning ut